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The Rise Of Smart Luggage And Its Impending Boom

Smart Luggage is here to replace older and conventional luggages

Travelling has never been more accessible due to the innovations in air travel and safety. Aside from that, numerous countries have also opened their doors to tourists. One big problem though is how irritating it must be to lose your luggage. Maybe the rise of smart luggage and tracking devices can help lessen lost bags. Nobody wants to go on a business trip and lose their files and necessities at the airport.

That’s why people are now moving towards leaving old conventional luggage for smarter ones. But what is smart luggage and how does it work? Luggage capable of doing so many things other than just carry your things when traveling. These smart carry on luggage can move on its own and recognize its owners. They usually also come with a tracking bracelet that alerts owners if the luggage has gone astray.

With features like that, no wonder people see this as the future in traveling. This removes the fear of losing your items that are in your missing luggage. Also, it comes to no surprise that people are looking into this industry for a possible boom in the future.


The Smart Luggage Boom

The whole industry of producing smart luggage and tracking technologies is projected to face a major upswing according to After publishing a 137-page study, Market Research Nest projects a boom for the industry. In this paper, they have segmented product types, brand competition, application, and region. This study argues that from 2019, the industry is set to grow bigger in five years.

Included in this segmentation are the purchase of smart trackers and luggage by volume. Also, they segmented sales made from retail or via online purchase. This can all be seen in Chapter 3 of this study.

While looking at sales by volume through products and applications, Chapter 3 also talks about the different regions that are spearheading the sales for these products. Included in these are the U.S. region, Southeast Asia, Europe, East Asia, and South America. Unsurprisingly, these regions are at the forefront of the market.

This study is also backed-up by an article from which used a separate study from This study states that the whole industry will grow by 16% in 2024 and that the industry share will exceed $2 billion in the United States. The study also states that due to modernization, industry growth in South East Asia is will be high.

Both studies have also argued that the rise of the smart luggage industry will be lead by multiple brands. These names will include traditional and newer names who are constantly improving and adding to their product.

Looking For A Smart Luggage?


The COWAROBOT Rover S Smart Luggage
Photo taken from

If you are curious about purchasing your smart luggage, fear not as they are available in retail stores and online. For the price of $1,240, this smart luggage from COWAROBOT not only moves on its own but will also follow its owner due to its human recognition program. The Rover S also has a tracking bracelet that notifies the owner of the unit if it lags by 3 meters or more.

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