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5 Amazing Server Rack Monitor Mount For 2024


If you're in the market for a server rack monitor mount that combines functionality, durability, and innovative features, look no further than the 5 Amazing Server Rack Monitor Mounts for 2023. Designed to enhance your server management experience, these mounts offer cutting-edge technology and robust construction, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With a blend of versatility and ease-of-use, these monitor mounts provide the perfect solution for organizing and monitoring your server setup. Whether you're a small business owner or a large-scale data center operator, these 5 Amazing Server Rack Monitor Mounts are sure to exceed your expectations.

Overall Score: 8/10

The JINGCHENGMEI 4U Universal VESA LCD Monitor Mounting Bracket is a sturdy and versatile accessory for your network cabinet or server rack. Made of cold rolled steel, it supports 100mm and 75mm VESA mounted LCD panels and offers adjustable depth for easy installation. The bracket can also be used as a wall mount, making it a multi-purpose solution. Its black color blends well with any decor, and its 4U size fits perfectly into a 19-inch rack. Customers have praised its simplicity and sturdiness, although some have mentioned that it could use more cutouts for cables and include different sizes of rack screws. Overall, it is a reliable and affordable option for mounting LCD monitors.

Key Features

  • Compatible with 19-inch network cabinet or server rack
  • Sturdy structure made of cold rolled steel
  • Supports 100mm & 75mm VESA mounted LCD panels
  • Adjustable depth design for easy installation
  • Can be used as a wall mount
  • Black color
  • 4U size


  • Color: Black
  • Size: 4U


  • Sturdy construction
  • Versatile and adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes necessary hardware


  • Could use more cutouts for cables
  • Does not include different sizes of rack screws

The JINGCHENGMEI 4U Universal VESA LCD Monitor Mounting Bracket is a reliable and affordable solution for mounting LCD monitors in network cabinets or server racks. Its sturdy construction and adjustable design make it easy to install and versatile for various applications. While it could benefit from additional cutouts for cables and different sizes of rack screws, it provides excellent value for the price. Whether you need to mount a monitor in a professional setting or a home server rack, this bracket offers a simple and effective solution.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The 4U Universal VESA LCD Monitor Mounting Bracket is the ideal solution for mounting LCD panels in AV rack cabinets. Made of solid cold pressed steel, this bracket supports 100mm & 75mm VESA mounted LCD panels and meets rack mounting standards. It features an adjustable depth design, allowing for various installation depths and the ability to close the rack/cabinet door. This TAA compliant bracket is perfect for IT Professionals, with free lifetime technical assistance. With a sleek black color and dimensions of 7"x33.1"x4.2", this LCD mounting bracket is sturdy, functional, and reliable.

Key Features

  • Sturdy solid cold pressed steel design
  • Adjustable depth for various installation depths
  • Supports wall-mounted LCD installations
  • TAA compliant for government GSA Schedule purchases
  • Backed with free lifetime 24/5 technical assistance


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 0.01Lx0.01Wx0.01H
  • Size: 7"x33.1"x4.2"


  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Adjustable depth for flexible installation
  • Supports various mounting options
  • TAA compliant for government purchases
  • Backed by free lifetime technical assistance


  • Issue with small threads for side brackets
  • Instructions could be clearer for installation
  • Cable holes on the back are too small

The 4U Universal VESA LCD Monitor Mounting Bracket is a reliable and functional solution for mounting LCD panels in AV rack cabinets. Its sturdy design and adjustable depth make it a versatile choice, and its TAA compliance ensures government compatibility. Despite some minor issues, the bracket is backed by free lifetime technical assistance, providing peace of mind for IT Professionals. With a score of 8.5, the 4U Universal VESA LCD Monitor Mounting Bracket is a recommended choice for those in need of a secure and versatile mounting bracket.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

The RackSolutions Universal Rack Mount Monitor VESA Swivel Steel Bracket allows you to pivot your monitor in any direction for optimal viewing. It is designed to flushmount any LCD monitor up to 20 inches, using the standard 75 – 100 mm VESA hole pattern. With an adjustable center mount depth of 0.44 – 9.5 inches, you can customize it to fit your needs. The monitor width should not exceed 17.5 inches. It is a black-colored steel bracket with dimensions 20.25Lx8.50Wx6.50H.

Key Features

  • Rack mount a monitor bracket to pivot any direction
  • Flushmounts any LCD monitor up to 20 inches
  • Uses standard 75 – 100 mm VESA hole pattern
  • Adjustable center mount depth of 0.44 – 9.5 inches
  • Monitor width limit: 17.5 inches (444.5 mm)


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 20.25Lx8.50Wx6.50H
  • Size: Swivel


  • Allows comfortable viewing angle for server console data
  • Universal compatibility with VESA hole pattern
  • Adjustable for various center mount depths


  • Limited clearance for the screen from the rack

The RackSolutions Universal Rack Mount Monitor VESA Swivel Steel Bracket is a versatile and convenient solution for mounting your monitor in a server console. It offers a wide range of adjustability and compatibility with VESA hole patterns. The swivel feature allows you to easily pivot the monitor to find the most comfortable viewing angle. The only drawback is the limited clearance for the screen from the rack, which may be a concern for some users. Overall, it is a reliable and practical option for anyone in need of a rack mount monitor bracket.

Overall Score: 8/10

The RLCD-FRAME2BK12K1 VESA LCD Monitor/TV Rackmount Adapter Kit is an ideal solution for data centers, TV stations, control rooms, kiosk stations, and production line control stations. This kit is compatible with any standard EIA310 19" 2 Post relay rack or 4 Post server rack. It features a 4-way movement LCD monitor arm, allowing for easy viewing from any direction. With a heavy-duty construction, it supports 15" to 24" standard or widescreen LCD monitors or TVs weighing up to 15 lb. Additionally, it has added support for mounting an Intel NUC mini computer. The kit is designed to provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional rackmount monitors. Its specifications include a black color, dimensions of 11.12"Lx18.93"Wx4.02"H, and a size of 3U. With its solid build quality and design, this rackmount adapter kit offers a reliable solution for organizing and mounting your monitors and mini computers.

Key Features

  • Ideal for data center, TV Station, control room, kiosk station, and production line control station
  • Compatible with any standard EIA310 19" 2 Post relay rack or 4 Post server rack
  • 4-way movement LCD monitor arm for viewing from any direction
  • Huge cost saving compared to special rackmount monitors
  • Heavy-duty construction supports 15" to 24" Standard LCD or Widescreen LCD Monitor or TV up to 15 lb (max), with additional support for mounting Intel NUC mini computer


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 11.12Lx18.93Wx4.02H
  • Size: 3U


  • Solid build quality and design
  • Easy to mount monitors and mini computers
  • Ideal for space-constrained areas
  • Allows for flexible monitor positioning


  • Mount arm adjustments can be tricky without specific tools
  • Price is on the higher side for a rackmount product
  • Not compatible with monitors without VESA holes

The RLCD-FRAME2BK12K1 VESA LCD Monitor/TV Rackmount Adapter Kit is a reliable and cost-effective solution for organizing and mounting monitors and mini computers in a rack environment. With its heavy-duty construction and 4-way movement arm, it offers flexibility and ease of use. While the price may be on the higher side, the solid build quality and design make it worth the investment for those in need of top-notch quality. However, it’s important to ensure your monitors have VESA holes for compatibility. Overall, this rackmount adapter kit provides an efficient solution for data centers, control rooms, and other professional environments, allowing for convenient viewing and efficient use of space.

Overall Score: 7.8/10

The Crystal Image Technologies Rackmount Console is a space-saving server control interface that combines an LCD VGA + DVI monitor display, keyboard, and touchpad mouse. Its modular design allows for easy upgrading and field customization. With rugged construction and a 3-year warranty, this rackmount console is built to last. It features a 19" LED backlit LCD screen with a resolution of 1440 x 900, providing crisp visuals. The keyboard includes a touchpad mouse and has options for different layouts. This console is compliant with cUL, CE & FCC, LVD, RoHS2, REACH, and TAA standards. Overall, it is a reliable and functional solution for server control and management.

Key Features

  • Built-in Console KVM Drawer
  • Keyboard with touchpad mouse
  • Mounting range: 18.1" to 29.5"
  • 19" LED Backlit LCD screen
  • Compliance with c UL, CE & FCC, LVD, Ro HS2, REACH, and TAA


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 18.11Lx17.40Wx1.73H
  • Size: VGA & DVI Input


  • Rugged construction and well-built
  • Modular keyboard for easy customization
  • Large screen with high resolution
  • Simple installation and plug and play


  • Poor quality keyboard with sticky keys
  • Finicky trackpad and missed key presses
  • Video quality with small lines
  • No USB ports in the front for convenience

The Crystal Image Technologies Rackmount Console offers a convenient and space-saving solution for server control in data centers. With its sturdy construction and reliable performance, it provides a seamless interface for managing servers. The modular design allows for easy customization, and the high-resolution LCD screen delivers crisp visuals. However, the keyboard and trackpad quality could be improved, and the absence of USB ports in the front is a drawback. Overall, this rackmount console is a reliable choice for server management, but there may be better options available in terms of keyboard and mouse functionality.

Buyer's Guide: Server Rack Monitor Mount

In today's fast-paced technological world, maintaining an efficient and organized server rack is crucial for businesses of all sizes. One essential component that aids in creating an organized and easily manageable server infrastructure is a server rack monitor mount. Whether you are setting up a new server rack or upgrading your existing one, this buyer's guide will provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Key Considerations

When selecting a server rack monitor mount, it's important to keep certain factors in mind to ensure compatibility and functionality. Here are some key considerations to guide you:

  1. Size and Form Factor: Determine the size and form factor of the monitor(s) you intend to mount. Different rack monitors support various sizes, such as 15", 17", or 19", so choose one that aligns with your requirements.
  2. Rack Compatibility: Verify the compatibility of the monitor mount with your server rack. Consider the rack unit (RU) dimensions and mounting options to ensure a proper fit within the available space.
  3. Weight Capacity: Assess the weight capacity of the server rack monitor mount. It should be able to support the weight of your monitor without compromising safety. Remember to account for additional equipment or accessories you may want to attach.
  4. Adjustability and Mobility: Determine the level of adjustability and mobility you need. Look for features like tilt, swivel, height adjustment, and the ability to rotate the monitor 180 degrees or more. Some mounts even offer sliding mechanisms for easier access to the rear of the rack.
  5. Installation Method: Consider the installation process and tools required. Choose between fixed or tool-less installation options based on your preferences and the available resources.
  6. Cable Management: Evaluate the cable management capabilities of the monitor mount. Look for features such as cable clips, channels, or integrated cable management systems to ensure a neat and organized rack setup.
  7. Compatibility with Accessories: Determine whether the server rack monitor mount is compatible with additional accessories like keyboard trays or KVM switches. This compatibility ensures a unified control solution within your server rack.
  8. Durability and Build Quality: Assess the durability and build quality of the monitor mount. Look for sturdy construction and materials that can withstand the weight of the monitor and provide long-lasting reliability.

Features to Look for

In addition to the key considerations above, certain features can greatly enhance the functionality and convenience of your server rack monitor mount. Keep an eye out for the following features:

  • Quick Release Mechanism: Allows for easy removal and installation of monitors when needed, improving accessibility and maintenance.
  • VESA Compatibility: Ensure the monitor mount is compatible with the VESA standard, allowing for easy attachment of monitors that adhere to this global mounting interface standard.
  • Anti-Vibration Design: Minimize vibrations that may affect monitor performance by selecting a mount with anti-vibration features or dampening mechanisms.
  • Tool-Less Adjustments: Look for mounts that offer tool-less adjustments for easy and hassle-free fine-tuning of monitor positioning.
  • Removable Front Covers: Some mounts come with removable front covers to hide cables and create a cleaner aesthetic appearance.
  • Integrated Cable Management: Opt for a mount that provides built-in cable management features, such as cable clips, to maintain a clutter-free rack environment.
  • Locking Mechanisms: Consider mounts with locking mechanisms to secure the monitor in place, preventing accidental movements or unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Amazing Server Rack Monitor Mount For 2023

Can I mount multiple monitors on a single server rack monitor mount?

Yes, some server rack monitor mounts support multiple monitors, allowing you to efficiently utilize space and increase productivity.

What is the benefit of an adjustable server rack monitor mount?

An adjustable monitor mount provides ergonomic benefits, allowing you to customize the monitor’s height, tilt, and rotation to optimize viewing angles and reduce strain on your neck and eyes.

Do all server rack monitor mounts require tools for installation?

No, while some mounts require specific tools for installation, others offer tool-less installation options for added convenience.

Can I adjust the monitor after it's mounted on the server rack monitor mount?

Yes, most mounts provide adjustability features, such as tilt, swivel, and height adjustment, enabling you to modify the monitor’s position even after installation.

Can a server rack monitor mount support large-sized monitors?

Yes, there are mounts available that can support larger monitor sizes, such as 24″ or 27″. Ensure the chosen mount is compatible with your desired monitor size.