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15 Best Internet Download Manager Programs You’ll Ever Need

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An internet download manager is a program that allows for fast and reliable file downloads. This program is usually preferred by those who usually download large files. While Internet browsers can also do this, they tend to be unreliable.

Aside from providing fast and reliable file downloads, download managers have added features. These include multiple downloads, scheduled downloads and file converters. It can also detect files that you can download on websites.

There are a lot of download managers available out there. It can be difficult to choose which one to use. So, here is a guide that will help you choose the best internet download manager that you’ll need.


Best internet download managers you’ll need

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager
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The Internet Download Manager is likely the most known program of its kind. This is thanks to the program being useful and reliable. Aside from fast and reliable file downloads, it can also do the same thing for many files at the same time.

IDM provides support for proxy servers, FTP, HTTP, firewalls, and others. This also comes with support for Internet browsers and video hosting sites. These supports will make it easy for you to download any Internet content without hassle.

The only downside to IDM is that it is not a free program. You need to pay $11.95 for a one-year license or $24.95 for a lifetime license. Discounted prices are available for licenses for many PCs. There is a free 30-day trial that allows users to try the program’s features. Visit IDM’s website to learn more about the different license options that you can purchase.


Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator
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The Internet Download Accelerator is a multi-functional download manager. It features an easy to use and customizable user interface. The download manager also features scheduled downloads and video hosting site support. It also has supports for a wide variety of Internet browsers and HTTP, HTTPS and FTP servers.

But, IDA does not come complete with all features. Some of its features such as download scheduling is available through plug-ins. The plug-ins are also an issue as not too much is available.

You can download a free version of the Internet Download Accelerator. But, there is only limited access to IDA’s features on its free version. To access all features, you need to get the Pro version with lifetime access for $9.95. Visit IDA’s website to learn more about the free and pro versions.


Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager
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The Download Accelerator Manager has features that make it a useful download manager. It has features that allow you to do batch downloads and scheduled downloads. It also has a finished download alerts and website password storage.

Starting a file download is easy as you can drag download links to DAM. It also has a MediaGrabber that checks for videos, photos, and music to download. There are supports for Internet browsers, cookies, proxies, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and redirects.

The Download Accelerator Manager has a free version that you can use. But, there are a lot of features that are not available on the free version. To access other features, you need to pay $25 for lifetime access to the ultimate version. Visit DAM’s website to learn more about the free and ultimate versions.


Xtreme Download Manager

Xtreme Download Manager
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The Xtreme Download Manager is an easy-to-use download manager. It features a simple user interface that makes it easy to go through its features. XDM can download any streaming video and resume downloads that ended in an error. It also has scheduled downloads, batch downloads, download speed limiters, and queued downloads.

The download manager also has a file converter and file preview. It also has support for many Internet browsers. There is also support for proxy servers and authorization.

Download Xtreme Download Manager from its website.



Eltima Software


Folx is a download manager designed for use on Macs. This download manager allows for up to 20 simultaneous file downloads. You can sort these downloads by tagging them. It also has browser support and direct downloads through a proxy.

You can download Folx for free. But, this would not come with all the download manager’s features. For this, you would need to buy the pro version. Pro version features include speed adjustment, task scheduler, video downloading and password storage.

Folx is available for free through download from its website. You can buy its pro version for $19.95. Adding $9.95 will get you lifetime access and paying $15 yearly will get you a support plan. Visit Folx’s website to learn more about its free and pro versions.





EagleGet makes it easy for you to get through with your file downloads. It has an organized user interface which makes it easy to start downloads. Its features include scheduled downloads, batch downloads, and virus scans.

This internet download manager has task imports and backups, streaming video monitoring and file sorting. It also has a monitor that shows the files that are downloading and their speed. It has supports for Internet browsers.

Download EagleGet for free on its website.





GigaGet is a simple download manager with useful features. It has batch downloads, a search tool, link imports, and a download resume. There is also a virus scanner capable of scanning a variety of file types. It is also capable of downloading Flash content and other streaming content. The only downside to this download manager is that it has an old feel to it.

Download Gigaget for free on their website.



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LeechGet is an old download manager that is no longer updated. But, it still has features that are still somewhat relevant. It has scheduled downloads, download priorities and a virus scanner. This download manager also allows for downloaded files to open automatically.

The downside to LeechGet is that its last update was from 2009. This means that the download manager is pretty outdated. Also, it only supports Internet Explorer.

Download LeechGet for free on


Free Download Manager



Free Download Manager is pretty much a free download manager. It only has basic features but it does get the job done. It has download pause and resume, bandwidth control, and file converter. This download manager has supports for Internet browsers and BitTorrent. Downloading straight from archives is also possible with this.

The problem with this internet download manager is that it is always detected as a malicious program. This could make installing and using FDM impossible.

Download Free Download Manager for free from its website.



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JDownloader makes organizing your file downloads much easier. It features a password-secured clipboard that allows you to save a list of download links. It has download pause and resume, download speed control and simultaneous downloads.

You can also access this download manager through a mobile app or its website. This allows for remote control of your file downloads. You can now worry less about being in front of your computer as your files download.

Download JDownloader for free from its website. But, downloading this download manager can be a hassle. This is because it could also ask you to install other unnecessary software.





GetGo Download Manager makes it easier to do batch downloads. You can paste download links or have it transferred through a LIST file. It also allows you to categorize downloads based on file types. There is also an option to store passwords, schedule downloads and preview files.

The problem with this internet download manager is that it tends to be a bit slow in comparison with others. This can be a problem if you want a smooth user interface when using this download manager.

Download GetGo for free from its website. It works with Windows and has supports for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


Ninja Download Manager



Ninja Download Manager offers blazing file download speeds. You can increase download speeds up to 20 times using this download manager. It has scheduled downloads, queued downloads, multiple downloads, and file preview. There are also controls for download speed and number of connections per download.

This download manager also has a password manager for files on secured websites. Supports for HTTPS, Socks4 and Socks5 proxy servers are available. A clipboard monitor allows you to start downloads with this internet download manager faster.

You can access Ninja Download Manager’s features after paying $19 for a license. Visit Ninja Downloader Manager’s website to know more about the license.


Microsoft Download Manager

Microsoft Download Manager


Microsoft Download Manager is a very basic download manager made by Microsoft. It only has basic features such as fast downloads and multiple downloads. You can also stop and resume downloads. The user interface is basic and easy-to-use. This download manager is simple yet reliable at file downloading.

Download Microsoft Download Manager for free on its website.





FlashGet is another easy-to-use download manager. It can detect files that you can download which makes it easy to start one. You can also access its other features while using your Internet browser.

FlashGet has supports for Firefox and Internet Explorer. It also has supports for HTTPS, FTP, and BitTorrent.

Download FlashGet for free on its website.


Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus


Download Accelerator Plus is a download manager known for having its browser. This makes importing download links much easier. Despite having its browser, it also has supports for other browsers.

This download manager can also import download links in an M3U or a text file. It also has a virus checker for files set for download.

Download Accelerator Plus is available for free use. But, its free version only comes with a limited number of features. Its premium version costs $24.95 and has access to all DAP features. Visit DAP’s website to learn more about the free and premium versions.


What is an internet download manager?

Internet download manager


A download manager is a program that allows for fast and reliable file downloads. Internet browsers already have their kind of download manager. But, for people who download a lot of files, a download manager makes things easier for them. This program is also meant to solve downloading issues due to poor Internet service.

These programs are usually known for their feature of accelerating downloads. Another known feature is their ability to resume interrupted file downloads. Some download managers offer added features such as file management and file previews.


How does an internet download manager work?

A download manager can do fast downloads by splitting a file into several parts. Aside from this, it will also create several connections to the file’s server. It will also look for any mirror server of the same file. When these mirror servers offer a faster download, it can switch servers. This is very beneficial for those who need to download files using poor Internet service. It allows you to maximize your limited connection to the full leading. This also helps improve download speed.

Fixing broken downloads is also something done by a download manager. Interrupted file downloads are not much of a problem as files are split into parts. When there are download issues, it only continues from the part with the issue.

Unlike download managers, Internet browsers are not able to do this. Once a download gets interrupted, browsers will force you to restart the entire thing. This is a hassle if it involves a very large file.


Should you get an internet download manager?

Internet download manager


You may be asking if you should get a download manager. This is a good question since Internet browsers are already good at file downloads. Aside from this, they can organize downloaded files into specified folders.

But, download managers take things even further. As already mentioned earlier, they increase download speeds. It downloads files in parts and makes use of many connections. These mean that file downloads are fast and reliable.

Download managers are also good at multiple downloads. It is already possible to do this on Internet browsers. But, download managers give you more control over how to do this. There are options for which files to focus on and the speed of each download.

Download managers also make it download files than Internet browsers. This is due to the added features that download managers offer. Some download managers check websites for content to download. Others offer file converters for downloaded files.

Meanwhile, Internet browsers do not offer these features. There is a need to search for other software that could do these features. It adds added hassle to a supposed to be an easy downloading experience.

The answer to the question of if download managers are necessary is it depends. If you do not download much or download small files, it is not necessary. But, if you download a lot of heavy files, then download managers are necessary.

Aside from this, download managers are necessary if you want easier file downloads. You’re ensured of a fast and reliable file download. They also provide added functionality when downloading files.

Considering to get yourself an internet download manager? Check out this guide on installing an Internet download manager for Chrome and Firefox.

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