Yubico Simplifies Security Key Registration For Enterprise Users


Yubico, the leading provider of FIDO-certified YubiKeys, has introduced a new service that streamlines the registration process for its enterprise users. This new feature allows Yubico to ship pre-registered security keys to employees, eliminating the need for manual registration and reducing friction when setting up these keys.

Key Takeaway

Yubico introduces a new service that enables the shipment of pre-registered security keys to enterprise users, streamlining the registration process and reducing friction. This service allows organizations to adopt multi-factor authentication and phishing-resistant security swiftly and at scale, while reducing IT costs. Yubico’s investment in automation has significantly increased its production capacity, ensuring ample supply to meet the growing demand for its YubiKeys.

Simplifying Security Key Registration

Physical security keys offer one of the most effective ways to secure user accounts. However, the process of registering these keys and linking them to user accounts has often been a cumbersome and time-consuming task. With Yubico’s new FIDO Pre-reg service, enterprise users can now receive pre-registered keys that are ready to use upon arrival.

Here’s how it works: when employees receive their new keys, they simply navigate to their company’s web application or identity provider’s login page. From there, they enter a PIN provided by their IT department, and they’re good to go. The process is quick and hassle-free, enabling organizations to accelerate the adoption of these secure authentication methods.

Limited Access Period

The FIDO Pre-reg service is currently in a limited access period and is available exclusively to Okta customers in the United States. This announcement comes as part of Yubico’s participation in Oktane, Okta’s annual user conference. During this period, interested users must purchase keys through Yubico’s YubiEnterprise Subscription program and utilize Okta’s Identity Engine, Adaptive MFA, and Workflows. At general availability, the service will expand to support all Yubico keys.

Benefits for Organizations

This new service addresses the challenges faced by organizations when it comes to implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) and FIDO passkey solutions like YubiKeys. Traditionally, administrators manually registered YubiKeys on behalf of each employee before delivering them in-office or shipping them to remote locations. However, by leveraging FIDO Pre-reg, organizations can easily adopt a phishing-resistant security solution throughout their company. This turnkey activation process reduces IT costs and ensures a seamless and secure user experience from day one.

Yubico’s Rapid Growth

In an interview, Stina Ehrensvard, co-founder of Yubico, revealed that the company is now manufacturing over one million YubiKeys per month. This significant increase in production, compared to just 200,000 keys per month a few years ago, is attributed to Yubico’s heavy investment in automation. Furthermore, with ample stock available, Yubico can meet the growing demand for YubiKeys and offer high-quality, secure products to its customers worldwide.

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