YouTube Create App Expands To 13 New Markets, Challenging TikTok’s Creative Tools


YouTube Create, Google’s standalone mobile app aimed at creators, is now available in 13 new markets, expanding its reach to a total of 21 countries. The app, initially launched in beta testing, offers a suite of free tools for video creators to produce both Shorts and longer videos on the go. This move is part of YouTube’s strategy to compete with TikTok’s popular creative tools and expand its market presence.

Key Takeaway

YouTube Create, Google’s mobile app for video creators, has expanded to 13 new markets, offering a suite of user-friendly tools for editing and publishing videos. With a focus on challenging TikTok’s dominance in the creative tools space, YouTube aims to attract creators who prefer standalone editing platforms for their video content.

Expanding Reach to New Markets

The YouTube Create app, which was initially available on Android in the U.S. and a few select markets, is now accessible in over a dozen additional countries, including Brazil, Spain, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and others. With this expansion, YouTube Create aims to provide a user-friendly platform for creators in diverse regions to easily produce and edit videos.

Features and Tools

The Create app offers a range of features to simplify the video creation process. Users can upload clips, split and trim videos, apply effects, and access copyright-safe music to enhance their content. Notably, the app includes an Audio Cleanup tool that reduces background noise and enhances audio quality, as well as a built-in voiceover tool with automatic and editable captions.

Moreover, the app provides a seamless publishing experience, allowing creators to directly publish their finalized videos to YouTube with a single tap. By offering these comprehensive tools, YouTube aims to attract creators who prefer standalone editing platforms for their video content.

Challenging TikTok’s Dominance

YouTube Create’s expansion to new markets and its focus on user-friendly video editing tools directly competes with TikTok’s appeal to non-technical creators. With features similar to TikTok’s creative suite, including effects, stickers, and music synchronization, YouTube aims to capture a larger share of the market that prefers to publish content on its platform.

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