YouTube Confirms Outages Alongside Other Social Media Platforms


Several popular social media platforms, including YouTube, Discord, Facebook, and Instagram, are currently experiencing outages. YouTube has confirmed that some users are encountering difficulties in loading videos on the platform. Additionally, Meta’s Threads, Facebook, and Instagram are also affected by the outage.

Key Takeaway

YouTube, along with other major social media platforms, is currently experiencing outages, leading to difficulties in accessing content for users.

YouTube Outage Details

According to a post on Google’s support page, users may be facing issues such as encountering an empty home page, receiving error messages, experiencing spinning wheels while scrolling on Shorts, and running out of videos to watch on Shorts’ infinite feed. The post reassures users that the platform is actively working on resolving the issue.

Updates from YouTube

YouTube has provided updates on its X account, directing users to the support page for further details. The platform’s official Twitter account also acknowledged the loading issues and assured users that they are actively working on resolving the situation.

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