Visible's Illness Tracker: A Game Changer In Healthcare Tech


Key Takeaway

Visible's "illness tracker" is a game changer in healthcare tech, catering to the needs of those struggling with chronic illnesses, including long COVID, and empowering patients to make more informed decisions about their health.

There’s no shortage of health and fitness trackers in the market, but what if you’re not healthy? Visible is stepping into the spotlight with its innovative "illness tracker" that aims to cater to the needs of those struggling with chronic illnesses, including long COVID.

Addressing the Underserved

Visible's software, available on iOS and Android, is a departure from the fitness-focused mentality of most existing health wearables. The company is harnessing the power of health technology and advanced data analytics to address the needs of severe cases of chronic illness, a market that has been described as "wildly underserved" by Harry Leeming, co-founder and CEO at Visible.

From Chaos to Innovation

Visible's journey began with the aim of streamlining patient communication during the chaos of the COVID outbreak. However, the company soon recognized the urgency of the long COVID problem and turned to the idea of building the "illness tracker" to cater to a community of patients that were already underserved.

Personal Experience

The author, who suffers from long COVID, tried out Visible's solution at CES in Las Vegas. The company uses a Polar continuous heart monitor band to track heart rate throughout the day and provide a "morning check-in" rating from 1-5, offering users a general idea of their energy levels for the day.

Expanding Impact

While the application’s primary intent revolves around COVID monitoring, it has become clear that it is having an impact on far more than just those battling the pandemic virus. Visible suggests that people with post-concussion syndrome, post-surgery fatigue, and cancer recovery are also benefiting from its data-centric approach.

Empowerment for Patients

No longer just a risk assessment tool, Visible’s "illness tracker" has evolved into a personal assistant for health maintenance and a symbol of empowerment for patients. The company trusts users to listen to their own bodies, providing them with the data to make more informed decisions.

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