Traderie, The In-Game Trading Marketplace, Discloses Data Breach


In a recent development, Traderie, a popular online platform for trading and selling in-game items, has informed its users about a significant data breach that has compromised their personal information. The breach has raised concerns among the gaming community, as Traderie allows users to trade items from popular games like Roblox, Rocket League, Diablo, and Elden Ring. The breach also affected Akrew’s Nookazon website, which facilitates trading in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Key Takeaway

Traderie, a popular in-game trading marketplace, has announced a data breach that has potentially exposed personal information of its users. The breach also affects Akrew’s Nookazon website. While the full extent of the breach is yet to be confirmed, it is crucial for affected individuals to stay vigilant and take necessary precautions to protect their online accounts.

The Security Incident: What We Know So Far

In an email sent to affected users, Traderie acknowledged the security incident but did not provide detailed information about the nature of the breach or the number of impacted individuals. The company’s privacy policy reveals that the information collected by Traderie includes email addresses, Discord and Twitter usernames, IP addresses, and browser information. With a user base spanning millions of gamers worldwide, this breach has significant implications for the online gaming community.

Potential Scope of the Data Breach

A post on the recently revived hacking forum, BreachForums, claims to possess additional details about the data breach. The post, dated early August, alleges that the stolen data from Traderie is being offered for sale in exchange for $5,000 in Bitcoin. The forum user, referring to themselves as “victim,” asserts that the breach has affected up to 2.6 million Traderie users. The compromised information reportedly includes email addresses, IP addresses, and online identifiers from popular services like Discord, TikTok, Roblox, Xbox Live, Apple, and Google.

The post on BreachForums also asserts that the stolen data contains information related to payment processing through Stripe, including customer IDs and subscription statuses. However, Traderie clarified in their email to affected users that they do not directly store passwords, and any financial information is handled by their payment platform, Stripe.

Possible Previous Breach and Controversy

According to the same post on BreachForums, Traderie may have experienced another breach in 2022, affecting around 400,000 users. Allegedly, the company chose to keep this breach under wraps and did not notify the affected users. This revelation has further intensified the concerns surrounding Traderie’s data security practices.

This news highlights the ongoing challenges faced by online platforms when it comes to protecting user data. In an increasingly digital world, the security of personal information remains a top concern for individuals and businesses alike. It is imperative for companies like Traderie to invest in robust security measures and promptly inform users about any potential breaches to maintain trust and uphold their commitment to user privacy.

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