Topsort Revolutionizes E-commerce Advertising With Clean And Effective Solutions


Regina Ye and Francisco Larrain, the co-founders of Topsort, have made significant strides since the launch of their auction-powered advertising startup two years ago. The company recently secured $8 million in seed funding, leading to a valuation of $110 million. Topsort specializes in developing retail media technology that enables small businesses to create impactful advertising through auctions.

Key Takeaway

Topsort’s innovative approach to auction-based advertising, coupled with its commitment to user privacy, has positioned the company as a trailblazer in the e-commerce advertising landscape, attracting significant investments and fostering substantial growth.

The Rise of Topsort

Frustrated with the complexity of creating ad campaigns on platforms like Meta, Amazon, and Google, Ye and Larrain devised a simple API that allows users to seamlessly initiate campaigns. Customers can incorporate various elements such as sponsored listings, banner ads, and video ads, while retaining control over ad display, quality measurement, relevance assessment, and campaign launch authorization.

Expanding Reach and Growth

Topsort’s auction-based advertising model has garnered widespread adoption, with marketplaces in 35 countries, including prominent names like Poshmark and, leveraging its capabilities. Ye emphasized the accessibility of their advertising solutions, stating, “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be able to actually have really good advertising results.” The company witnessed remarkable growth last year, achieving nearly a tenfold increase in revenue, and is poised for similar ambitious expansion this year.

Enterprise-Friendly Approach and Investor Confidence

Recognizing the appeal of its plug-and-play product across e-commerce marketplaces of varying scales, Topsort has tailored its focus to be more enterprise-friendly while introducing advanced features. Notably, industry giants such as P&G, General Mills, and Danone are now among its esteemed clientele. This impressive trajectory captured the attention of investors, leading to an additional $20 million in Series A funding, elevating the company’s valuation to $150 million post-money. With backing from prominent investors like Upload Ventures, Quiet Capital, and Pear Ventures, Topsort has now raised a total of $28.6 million.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

Looking ahead, Topsort is directing its efforts towards navigating the evolving landscape following the phasing out of cookies. The company aims to redefine advertising’s perception by prioritizing user privacy and integrity. Ye highlighted the development of the Cleanroom feature, which enables the amalgamation of user data without compromising privacy, stating, “We’ve spent three years making a very solid offering, and today, we probably have the most comprehensive offering of that in the market.”

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