Tigran Sloyan Discusses Closing The Talent Gap And Mitigating Bias In Hiring


This week on Found, Tigran Sloyan, the co-founder and CEO of CodeSignal, joined Becca and Dom to discuss the innovative ways his company is addressing the talent gap and bias in the hiring process. CodeSignal is a skills assessment platform that is revolutionizing traditional resume-based hiring by leveraging artificial intelligence to identify top talent.

Key Takeaway

CodeSignal’s skills assessment platform is revolutionizing traditional hiring practices by focusing on skills rather than resumes, leading to more equitable and diverse hiring outcomes.

Inspiration and Immigration

Sloyan shared his inspiring journey of immigrating to America and launching CodeSignal. His personal experience with the challenges of traditional hiring processes fueled his determination to create a more equitable system that focuses on skills assessment.

Equitable Hiring Practices

CodeSignal’s approach to skills assessment aims to mitigate bias in hiring by providing a level playing field for all candidates. By focusing on skills rather than resumes, the platform opens up opportunities for individuals who may have been overlooked in traditional hiring processes.

Building a Diverse Team

Sloyan also discussed the importance of hiring for his own team and emphasized the value of diversity. By prioritizing skills assessment in the hiring process, CodeSignal is able to identify and recruit talent from a wide range of backgrounds, contributing to a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

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