The Messenger Media Startup Shuts Down, Leaving Staff Without Severance Or Healthcare


Media startup The Messenger, which made headlines last May with a $50 million investment, has abruptly announced its closure, leaving its employees in a state of uncertainty. The company, which aimed to establish an unbiased digital newsroom, failed to secure additional funding and has left its staff without severance and healthcare coverage.

Key Takeaway

The Messenger’s abrupt shutdown has left its employees without severance and healthcare coverage, highlighting the challenges faced by media startups and the impact on their workforce.

The Sudden Shutdown

The Messenger, a media startup that garnered attention with its substantial initial investment, has shocked its employees and the industry with its sudden shutdown. The New York Times reported that the company is ceasing its operations, leaving its workforce without any severance packages and ending their healthcare coverage.

Financial Struggles and Mismanagement

Despite its promising start, The Messenger faced significant financial challenges, with reports indicating that it had depleted a large portion of its startup capital and generated minimal revenue. The company’s founder, Jimmy Finkelstein, acknowledged the difficulties in sustaining the business, expressing regret over the situation.

Impact on Employees

The closure of The Messenger has raised concerns about the well-being of its employees, many of whom have taken to social media to express their distress. The lack of severance and healthcare coverage has left the staff in a precarious position, drawing criticism from both within and outside the industry.

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