Tel Aviv-based Quantum Machines Unveils OPX1000, A Next-Gen Quantum Control Solution For Scaling Beyond 1,000 Qubits


Tel Aviv-based company Quantum Machines has announced the launch of its latest quantum controller, the OPX1000. This next-generation solution is specifically designed to cater to the needs of large-scale quantum computers, with the ability to control over 1,000 qubits – a significant improvement over its predecessors, the OPX and OPX+ controllers.

Key Takeaway

Quantum Machines introduces the OPX1000, a quantum controller capable of handling over 1,000 qubits, a significant milestone for the quantum computing industry. This next-generation solution marks a paradigm shift in how quantum control and orchestration is approached, offering increased capabilities and scalability.

Quantum Machines has been at the forefront of quantum control solutions, enabling leading quantum computer manufacturers to meet their existing roadmaps. However, as the industry sets its sights on building machines with 100,000 qubits or more in the next decade, the challenge of controlling the increasing noise levels becomes a crucial issue to address.

Speaking about the OPX1000, Quantum Machines co-founder and CEO Itamar Sivan emphasized the paradigm shift brought about by their previous controllers, the OPX and OPX+. These controllers introduced a processor-based approach to quantum control, allowing for quicker reactions to changes in the processing unit and the handling of complex algorithms, unlike the memory-based control systems that were previously in use.

The OPX1000 takes this progress even further by featuring an updated version of Quantum Machines’ Pulse Processing Unit (PPU) and an increased number of control channels. With 64 output and 16 input channels, the OPX1000 offers the highest density of control and readout channels currently available on the market. Furthermore, the improved networking stack enables Quantum Machines to scale its solution beyond 1,000 qubits.

The OPX1000 is packaged in a data center-ready 3U size, making it suitable for advanced players in the quantum computing field. However, Quantum Machines will still continue to offer the OPX+ for those who do not require the capabilities of the latest model.

Currently, numerous research labs, high-performance computing centers, and quantum computer manufacturers are already using Quantum Machines’ existing controllers. The company has recruited a select group of beta users to test the OPX1000, although their identities remain undisclosed. The OPX1000 is set to be available to the general public later this year, with further updates expected from Quantum Machines’ customers.

Looking ahead, Sivan acknowledges that scaling beyond 10,000 qubits remains an open question in the industry. While Quantum Machines has made significant strides in providing solutions for up to 1,000 qubits, there is still ongoing research and numerous unanswered questions regarding what lies beyond this threshold. To address this challenge, Quantum Machines recently entered a partnership with Nvidia to combine classical and quantum machines.

Nvidia Collaborates with Quantum Machines to Integrate Classical and Quantum Computing

In a notable move, Nvidia has joined forces with Quantum Machines to combine classical computing abilities with the power of quantum systems. By leveraging Quantum Machines’ advanced control system and Nvidia’s expertise in classical computing, this collaboration aims to push the boundaries of quantum computing and drive advancements in the field.

Bringing together the strengths of both classical and quantum computing, this partnership holds the potential to unlock new possibilities in various industries, including optimization problems, material science, and drug discovery. As the demand for quantum computing continues to grow, the integration of classical and quantum machines becomes crucial in harnessing their combined potential.

Quantum Machines and Nvidia’s collaboration signifies a significant step forward in bridging the gap between classical and quantum computing, ultimately paving the way for groundbreaking advancements in the field.

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