Shortwave Email Client Introduces AI-Powered Instant Summaries And More


Shortwave, a popular email client developed by former Google engineers, is set to launch new AI-powered features that aim to revolutionize the way users interact with their emails. The latest updates include instant summaries, a writing assistant, and an extended AI assistant function for iOS and Android, as well as multi-select AI actions.

Key Takeaway

Shortwave’s introduction of AI-powered instant summaries, extended AI assistant functions, and AI autocomplete features reflects a growing trend in the email client industry, with a focus on leveraging AI to streamline email management and enhance user productivity.

Instant Summaries at a Glance

The standout feature of the update is the introduction of instant summaries, which will automatically display a concise overview of an email or thread at the top of the message. Users can tap on the summary to access a slightly more detailed version and even ask the assistant questions related to the thread, streamlining the process of managing multiple emails efficiently.

AI-Powered Assistant Goes Mobile

Shortwave is also expanding its AI-powered Assistant feature to its iOS and Android apps, providing users with support for drafting, web searches, and thread-related inquiries. The Assistant can also assist in searching through emails for specific information, making it a valuable tool for users seeking to optimize their email management.

AI Multi-Select and Autocomplete Features

Additionally, the platform is introducing an AI-multi-select option, allowing users to select multiple threads and seek assistance from the AI assistant. This feature is particularly useful for conducting targeted searches and obtaining relevant information from email threads.

Shortwave is also rolling out its own version of AI-powered autocomplete, enabling users to accept suggestions for longer sentences with a simple tab press, similar to Gmail’s autocomplete feature. The company’s co-founder, Andrew Lee, likened this functionality to a “GitHub Copilot for emails,” emphasizing its ability to learn and adapt to users’ writing styles.

Availability and Pricing

These new features will be gradually rolled out to users, with instant summaries, AI multi-select, and the mobile assistant becoming available to all users. However, the AI autocomplete feature will be exclusive to Pro and Business plan subscribers.

Shortwave has also revamped its pricing structure, offering a $7 per month personal plan, a $24 per month Pro plan, and a $24 per month business plan for teams. The company’s focus on catering to business and enterprise users is evident, with a strong emphasis on enhancing AI capabilities to meet the demands of power users.

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