Shazam Introduces New Feature To Identify Music In Apps While Wearing Headphones


Shazam, the popular music identification app owned by Apple, has recently unveiled an exciting new feature. Users can now identify music while wearing headphones, the company announced. This update allows music enthusiasts to seamlessly recognize songs playing in various apps, including TikTok and YouTube, even while using headphones.

Key Takeaway

Shazam’s new update allows users to identify music within apps, including TikTok and YouTube, even while wearing headphones. This enhancement offers a more convenient and immersive music recognition experience for Shazam’s extensive user base.

Identifying Music with Headphones

With the latest update, Shazam users can effortlessly identify music within apps while wearing headphones. By simply opening the app and ensuring that the headphone icon is displayed to indicate the connection, users can proceed to identify the music playing around them or within supported apps. Whether using wired or Bluetooth headphones, the new feature caters to a wide range of users.

Enhanced User Experience

Imagine watching a captivating video on TikTok with headphones and discovering a catchy song. Thanks to the new Shazam feature, users can seamlessly switch to the app, identify the song, and return to TikTok to continue enjoying the content. Similarly, individuals wearing headphones in public spaces, such as cafes, can now effortlessly identify the background music without the need to remove their headphones.

Expanding Capabilities

While Shazam previously enabled users to identify songs within apps like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, this latest enhancement eliminates the restriction of headphone usage. The app’s continuous evolution aims to provide an intuitive and seamless music recognition experience for its over 300 million monthly users worldwide.

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