Rypplzz: Analyzing The $3M Seed Deck And Its Impact


This week, we’re diving into the pitch deck of Rypplzz, a spatial technology startup that recently secured $3 million in funding. Rypplzz utilizes radio waves for precise location tracking, offering a potential alternative to GPS technology. The company aims to assist venues such as museums and sports arenas in guiding visitors through their space and delivering location-based information.

Key Takeaway

Rypplzz’s pitch deck, despite its success in fundraising, lacks essential information and clarity in several key areas, leaving room for improvement in effectively communicating its value proposition to potential investors.

The Deck Breakdown

Slides Overview

Rypplzz’s nine-slide deck raises eyebrows due to the absence of crucial details typically expected in a fundraising pitch. Notably, it lacks information about the team, the problem being addressed, the business model, pricing, competitive analysis, and contact details for the CEO. This omission leaves unanswered questions that investors commonly seek. Moreover, the deck’s size, a hefty 33MB, exceeds the recommended limit of 20MB, potentially posing delivery challenges via email.

Slide Contents

  • Cover slide
  • Product overview
  • How it works
  • ‘Disrupting the augmented reality industry’
  • Market applications
  • Physical and cyber security
  • Current GTM partners/clients
  • Investment proposition
  • Closing slide

Notable Aspects

Three Positive Observations

Despite the deck’s shortcomings, a few elements stand out:

  1. Exploring Use Cases: The visualization of potential customer use cases, although hindered by readability issues, presents a compelling narrative for the product’s application across various industries.
  2. Product Overview: While lacking in comprehensive details, the slide effectively conveys the product’s capabilities in a concise and focused manner, albeit missing opportunities to highlight unique features and industry examples.
  3. The Ask and Use of Funds: The clarity in stating the fundraising goal is commendable, but the vagueness in outlining the use of funds leaves room for improvement in providing specific and impactful details.

Opportunities for Enhancement

Throughout the deck, there are evident areas where Rypplzz could enhance its presentation to potential investors. From addressing readability and content clarity to refining the ask and use of funds, these improvements could strengthen the overall impact of the pitch.

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