Revolutionizing Restroom Access: Flush App Lets Businesses Charge For Bathroom Use


Public restroom access has been a hot topic in the U.S. since the 1970s, with free-use bathrooms becoming the norm. However, the availability and maintenance of these facilities vary from place to place, leaving many people in need of a restroom without a convenient option. In response to this issue, a new app called Flush is set to launch, offering a solution that allows businesses to rent out their restrooms to customers in need.

Key Takeaway

Flush, a new app set to launch, aims to revolutionize restroom access by allowing businesses to rent out their facilities to customers in need. While it presents a promising solution, considerations about affordability and logistical challenges remain.

Introducing Flush: A New Approach to Restroom Access

Flush, founded by USC computer science graduate Elle Szabo, aims to address the challenge of finding public restrooms, especially for individuals with specific medical needs. The app functions as a two-sided marketplace, enabling businesses such as cafes, restaurants, and hotels to make their restrooms available for rent at a price of $5. Users can then locate and book these bathrooms through Flush’s web-based platform, with the app taking a 5% commission from each reservation.

Ensuring Clean and Reliable Facilities

To maintain the quality of the restroom facilities, Flush incorporates a rating system that allows providers to assess the cleanliness of their restrooms based on user feedback. Additionally, the app is exploring the possibility of offering insurance to compensate businesses in the event of any guest-caused damage, such as plumbing issues.

Challenges and Considerations

While Flush presents a novel approach to addressing restroom access, some concerns have been raised regarding the potential impact on individuals who cannot afford the fee. Additionally, the logistics of managing restroom access and queuing customers pose practical challenges for businesses.

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