Reddit Files For IPO: What You Need To Know


Social media giant Reddit has officially filed to go public, marking a significant milestone for the company. The long-awaited S-1 filing sets the stage for Reddit to enter the public markets, joining a cohort of technology startups and private companies seeking an exit in the current year.

Key Takeaway

Reddit’s IPO filing marks a pivotal moment for the company as it navigates the path to the public markets. With its unique approach to offering shares to users and potential growth opportunities through strategic partnerships, Reddit’s foray into the public markets is poised to be closely watched.

Financial Performance and Outlook

Despite its substantial revenue growth, Reddit continues to grapple with profitability challenges. The company reported over $800 million in revenue for 2023, a notable increase from the previous year. However, it remains unprofitable on both a GAAP and adjusted basis, with ongoing cash consumption to support its operations.

Unique Approach to IPO

Reddit’s IPO is anticipated to be unconventional, as the company reportedly plans to reserve shares for 75,000 of its users, allowing them to purchase shares at the IPO price before trading begins, a departure from the norm reserved for large investors.

Potential Growth Opportunities

Amid its IPO filing, Reddit has secured a significant deal with Google, enabling the search giant to utilize its data. This partnership, valued at approximately $60 million annually, presents a favorable tailwind for Reddit’s 2024 results. Additionally, the company is exploring opportunities to expand its revenue base through licensing access to its platform’s data, particularly in the context of the current AI wave.

Advertising and Revenue Strategy

Reddit aims to leverage its expanding user base to drive advertising revenue growth. With a focus on utilizing machine learning and prediction models, the company seeks to enhance the effectiveness of its advertising platform, tapping into a global advertising market estimated at $1.4 trillion.

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