Qatar Investment Authority To Launch $1 Billion Venture Capital Fund Of Funds


The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) has announced the launch of a $1 billion venture capital fund of funds for international and regional venture capital funds. This initiative was revealed at the Web Summit and aims to attract international VC funds and startups to Qatar and the wider Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. The program will focus on sectors such as fintech, edtech, and healthcare.

Key Takeaway

QIA is launching a

billion venture capital fund of funds to attract international VC funds and startups to Qatar and the GCC region, with a focus on fintech, edtech, and healthcare sectors.

Investment Strategy

The QIA’s venture capital fund of funds will invest indirectly through other VC funds and make targeted co-investments with participating funds. The sovereign wealth fund aims to increase the number of startups and enhance the availability of VC funding within Qatar, narrowing the gap with more established ecosystems in neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Growing Venture Capital Industry

Gulf sovereign wealth funds have been increasingly investing in tech startups in the GCC region to reduce reliance on oil and nurture thriving venture capital industries. This strategy has seen success, with Saudi Arabian startups alone raising $1.3 billion in 2023. The local venture capital ecosystem received $2.6 billion in funding last year, indicating growing maturity in the region.

QIA’s Unique Approach

QIA’s fund of funds is exclusively focused on venture capital funds, marking the first of its kind in the region. The fund aims to address the lack of dedicated capital in Qatar for companies past seed funding, enabling them to access capital and support from VC funds to scale operations and expand market presence in Qatar, the GCC, and internationally.

Requirements for Fund Managers

QIA requires fund managers seeking funds to demonstrate a strong track record and actively participate in the Gulf’s VC and startup ecosystem. This includes establishing operations, a senior-level presence in Qatar, and outlining expansion plans across the GCC.


The launch of QIA’s $1 billion venture capital fund of funds signifies a significant step towards boosting the startup ecosystem in Qatar and the GCC region. By attracting international VC funds and startups, particularly in key sectors such as fintech, edtech, and healthcare, QIA aims to drive innovation and economic diversification in the region.

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