Peak XV Reaps 10x Returns Through Mamaearth IPO And Zomato Sale


In a successful and oversubscribed initial public offering (IPO), Mamaearth has provided Peak XV Partners with its fourth 10x or greater return since the venture fund separated from the Sequoia family. This news comes just six months after Peak XV’s departure from Sequoia, showcasing their ability to identify and invest in promising startups.

Key Takeaway

Peak XV Partners, following its separation from Sequoia, has achieved remarkable returns in Mamaearth’s oversubscribed IPO. With its expertise in identifying successful startups, the fund has consistently generated impressive returns for its investors. This success positions Peak XV as a leading venture capital firm in India and Southeast Asia.

Peak XV’s Strong Performance in IPO Market

Peak XV has achieved an exceptional 10x return on its investment in Mamaearth, making it their 20th IPO in India and Southeast Asia. This remarkable milestone significantly surpasses the IPO count of other venture firms in the region. The fund’s ability to consistently generate such impressive returns highlights their expertise in identifying promising startups and supporting them throughout their growth journey.

Furthermore, Peak XV recently concluded its investment in Zomato, a food delivery startup, with a 10x-plus return. This successful exit was the culmination of a decade-long journey and underlines Peak XV’s track record in delivering strong returns to its investors.

Continued Success and Diversification

Peak XV’s success is not limited to Mamaearth and Zomato. The fund also achieved a 12x-plus return on K12 Techno Services, an edtech startup it backed approximately a decade ago. While Peak XV has offloaded some of its shares in various startups, it still holds some holdings, indicating continued confidence in their growth potential.

With a capital pool of $2.5 billion, Peak XV has established itself as a prominent venture capital firm in India and Southeast Asia. Overseeing investments in more than 400 companies, including 50 unicorns and 40 companies with annual revenues exceeding $100 million, the fund’s substantial portfolio underscores its deep market knowledge and expertise.

Embracing Opportunities Post-Sequoia Separation

Since parting ways with Sequoia, Peak XV has accelerated its deal-making activities. Despite the sluggish private market, the firm’s executives remain optimistic about the region’s prospects and are adopting a more aggressive approach to investments. Demonstrating their commitment to expansion, Peak XV has also expressed interest in exploring opportunities in Australia and the United States.

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