OpenAI’s GPT Store Delayed To 2024 Following Leadership Chaos


OpenAI’s highly anticipated GPT Store, an app store for AI, will not be launching this year as originally planned. The company has announced that the launch will be postponed to an unspecified date in early 2024. This delay is believed to be a result of the leadership shakeup that occurred in November, shortly after the initial announcement.

The news of the delay was reported by Axios, which obtained a memo sent to users and developers. According to the memo, OpenAI is now planning to launch the GPT Store early next year, attributing the delay to unforeseen circumstances that have kept the company occupied. The memo also mentioned some upcoming improvements to the feature, such as a better configuration interface and debug messages.

Key Takeaway

OpenAI’s GPT Store, initially set to launch this year, has been delayed to early 2024 due to the recent leadership turmoil. The company plans to introduce improvements to the feature, including a better configuration interface and debug messages.

When the launch of the GPT Store was officially announced at OpenAI’s Dev Day conference in November, it raised concerns and left many unanswered questions. Although there was a working mockup of the store and a few GPT models available to inspect, details about customer charges and developer compensation were lacking.

In a Q&A session with briefly dethroned CEO Sam Altman and CTO Mira Murati, the company’s plan for the store regarding payment and revenue-sharing was left uncertain. This lack of clarity, coupled with the recent leadership changes, likely contributed to the decision to delay the launch.

Even with the delay, OpenAI customers can still create and share their GPTs directly. However, these models will not be publicly listed or eligible for participation in any revenue-sharing program until the GPT Store officially launches.

It is not surprising that OpenAI opted to delay the launch, considering the unstable circumstances surrounding the leadership change and the approaching winter holidays. Shipping a major product amidst such challenges would have been impractical while acclimating to a new board and addressing other pressing priorities.

Further information regarding the GPT Store’s revised launch date is expected to be provided by OpenAI. Updates will be shared as they become available.

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