Notion Launches Stand-Alone Calendar App


Key Takeaway

Notion's new standalone calendar app offers a seamless integration with its note-taking and project management services, providing users with a versatile tool for managing both personal and professional schedules.

Notion, the popular note-taking and project management service, has recently launched its own standalone calendar app. This new app aims to provide a seamless integration of work and personal calendars, along with a range of innovative features for users.

Next-Gen Calendar Service

The Notion Calendar is a free next-gen version of Cron, a calendar app acquired by Notion in 2022. It offers a built-in scheduling tool similar to Calendly and provides deep integration with Notion, making it a versatile tool for both personal and professional use.

Seamless Integration with Notion

For Notion users, the new calendar app allows for easy attachment of Notion documents to calendar events, streamlining the workflow and ensuring that all participants are well-prepared for meetings and appointments.

Syncing Capabilities

Notion Calendar offers seamless syncing of date information between Notion and the calendar app, enabling users to schedule tasks and manage their time effectively. The minimalist design, inspired by Notion and Apple Calendar, provides a user-friendly experience with light and dark mode options.

Enhanced Functionality

One of the standout features of Notion Calendar is its integration with popular online meeting services such as Google Meet and Zoom. Additionally, it offers a simple yet effective alternative to scheduling services like Calendly, allowing users to share their availability and streamline the process of setting up meetings.

Future Developments

Looking ahead, Notion aims to expand the functionality of its calendar app and integrate it further into its overall ecosystem. The company sees this standalone product as a significant investment and a potential gateway to attract new users while providing added value to existing ones.

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