Nomad Homes Raises $20M To Revolutionize Real Estate Transactions In Europe And The Middle East


Nomad Homes, the leading residential real estate marketplace across Europe and the Middle East, has successfully secured a $20 million investment in its Series A extension round. This capital infusion comes two years after the company’s initial $20 million Series A funding.

Key Takeaway

Nomad Homes secures $20 million in funding to revolutionize the residential real estate market in Europe and the Middle East. With its innovative platform, Nomad Homes aims to streamline the home buying and selling process, bridging the gap between buyers and real estate agents. The introduction of Nomad Agent offers a collaborative network for agents and standardizes commission sharing, paving the way for increased earning potential. Powered by AI, Nomad Homes is poised to further enhance its services, providing buyers with personalized recommendations and acting as a trusted co-pilot throughout their home-buying journey.

Expansion and Investment

Acrew Capital, a renowned venture capital firm, led the funding round, with participation from existing investors such as 01 Advisors, HighSage Ventures, Abstract Ventures, Partech, Precursor Ventures, Potluck Ventures, and Knollwood. Several undisclosed hedge funds also joined the investment, demonstrating the strong confidence in Nomad Homes’ potential.

The Vision Behind Nomad Homes

Nomad Homes, co-founded by Helen Chen, Daniel Piehler, and Damien Drap in 2019, has swiftly emerged as a game-changer in the real estate industry. Operating in countries including France, Spain, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates, the company has developed a robust infrastructure that simplifies the otherwise complex process of buying and selling homes.

In these regions, with an annual sales transaction volume of approximately $2 trillion, the absence of a centralized infrastructure has often left buyers without proper guidance and real estate agents disconnected from one another. Nomad Homes aims to enhance the efficiency of real estate transactions by bridging this gap.

Introducing Nomad Agent

In February, Nomad Homes introduced Nomad Agent, a business-to-business platform designed to foster collaboration among real estate agents. This innovative tool enables agents to work together seamlessly, while also standardizing commission sharing, thereby maximizing their earning potential. Nomad Agent has been pivotal in the company’s growth, with CEO Helen Chen reporting a 6x increase in revenue year over year and a remarkable 24x growth since the Series A funding.

With the latest investment, Nomad Homes plans to further enhance the capabilities of Nomad Agent. The company aims to develop an AI-powered co-pilot tool that will offer automated recommendations to buyers, as well as expanding its mortgage services. These strategic developments will empower homebuyers with personalized assistance throughout their house-hunting journey.

Driving Towards Profitability

Nomad Homes is well on its way to achieving profitability, with CEO Helen Chen setting the target for early next year. The company’s gross margin already exceeds 80% and is projected to continue rising, further bolstering its path to profitability. This remarkable progress amidst a challenging market demonstrates Nomad Homes’ strong foundation and its potential for further expansion and success.

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