Newswire: Apple Watch Series 9 Becomes Apple’s First Carbon-Neutral Product


In a significant announcement at the launch of its Series 9 Watch, Apple revealed that the latest model is the company’s first carbon-neutral product. This demonstrates Apple’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Let’s take a closer look at how they achieved this milestone.

Key Takeaway

The Apple Watch Series 9 becomes the company’s first carbon-neutral product, showcasing Apple’s commitment to sustainability. Through clean electricity, recycled materials, reduced packaging, and efficient shipping practices, Apple has achieved a significant 78% reduction in the carbon footprint of the Apple Watch. The company also plans to invest in offsets to completely neutralize its remaining emissions.

Eco-Friendly Electricity

Apple has taken significant steps to ensure that the manufacturing process of the Apple Watch Series 9 is powered by 100% clean electricity. This means that the energy used for production comes from renewable sources such as nuclear, hydropower, and solar. Moreover, Apple has gone even further by purchasing additional renewable power on behalf of consumers. By accurately forecasting the electricity required to charge the watch over its lifetime, Apple invests in renewable energy projects to offset that consumption.

Sustainable Materials

The Apple Watch Series 9 incorporates recycled materials to minimize its environmental impact. The watch cases are made of aluminum, and various chips and connections are manufactured using tin, gold, copper, and tungsten sourced from recycled sources. The sport loop, a popular band option, now incorporates 82% recycled yarn, symbolizing Apple’s dedication to the circular economy. In an effort to encourage sustainability, Apple has phased out leather bands.

Reduced Packaging and Efficient Shipping

Apple recognizes the importance of addressing carbon emissions associated with shipping. With the Series 9, the company has made significant changes to its packaging and shipping practices. The packaging is now 100% fiber-based and smaller, allowing Apple to ship 25% more watches per trip. Additionally, Apple has prioritized shipping via cargo ships, which are far more carbon-efficient than planes.

These concerted efforts have resulted in reducing the carbon footprint of the Apple Watch by an impressive 78%. According to Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, the company plans to further minimize its environmental impact by purchasing offsets in the form of credits from forests and wetlands.

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