New York Times Launches Connections, The Second Most Popular Game After Wordle


The New York Times has done it again! After the massive success of Wordle, the newspaper has introduced yet another addictive game called Connections. This exciting wordplay game has quickly become the second most popular game offered by The New York Times, right after Wordle. In a bid to accommodate the game’s growing popularity, Connections has now been integrated into The New York Times and New York Times Games apps on iOS and Android.

Key Takeaway

The New York Times has launched Connections, a wordplay game that has become the second most popular game offered by the newspaper, right after Wordle. Connections is now available on The New York Times and New York Times Games apps on iOS and Android.

Jonathan Knight, the head of games at The New York Times, describes Connections as a clever, thoughtful, and relevant puzzle that challenges players to categorize 16 words or phrases into four distinct groups of four. The game aims to trick players with its unique puzzles and offers a rewarding experience when solved.

Since its beta launch on June 12, millions of players have already enjoyed playing Connections. Interestingly, around 90% of players who start the game see it through until the end, regardless of winning or losing. This level of engagement is truly remarkable and speaks to the game’s ability to captivate its audience.

With the integration of Connections into The New York Times’ apps, players can now access the game effortlessly and enjoy it on the go. This move ensures that Connections will continue to thrive and delight wordplay enthusiasts.

It is important to note that the success of Connections follows the recent sunset of the Times’ math game, Digits, which was also in beta. The New York Times’ gaming section has been on the rise ever since it acquired Wordle, which brought in tens of millions of new users. Although Connections may not have reached the same viral status as Wordle, it is undoubtedly a must-play for those who love wordplay and are seeking a new gaming challenge.

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