New Withings ScanWatch 2 With Temperature Sensing


Withings, a pioneer in the health and wellness industry, has unveiled the latest addition to their lineup of smartwatches – the ScanWatch 2. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this advanced wearable device brings an array of innovative features designed to enhance your overall well-being. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or someone who wants to stay on top of their health, the ScanWatch 2 is the perfect companion for you.

Temperature Sensing for Detecting Illness and Maximizing Workout Recovery

One of the standout features of the ScanWatch 2 is its temperature-sensing module. Equipped with cutting-edge sensors, including a miniaturized heat flux detector and a temperature sensor, this watch can accurately measure energy transit, evaluate skin temperature, and even gauge ambient temperature. This data not only enables the detection of potential illness but also provides valuable insights into workout recovery. By monitoring temperature zones during physical activity, users can prevent overheating and exhaustion, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Comprehensive Health Tracking for All Users

Withings has gone above and beyond in elevating the health tracking capabilities of the ScanWatch 2. In addition to its existing features, such as SPO2 measurement, activity tracking, and sleep tracking, this new watch introduces menstrual cycle tracking. With the ability to register cycle stages, symptoms, flow, period dates, and even mood logging, the ScanWatch 2 caters to the specific health needs of individuals who menstruate. Users can conveniently log this data both from the watch itself and through the accompanying app.

Furthermore, the ScanWatch 2 offers a more affordable option called the ScanWatch 2 Light. Aimed at those who prioritize basic health and fitness monitoring, this model excludes certain features like temperature tracking, AFIB detection, notifications for high or low heart rate, blood oxygen level measurement, and elevation data. However, it still boasts a range of essential functionalities, making it a reliable hybrid smartwatch for everyday use.

Unrivaled Battery Life and Durability

Withings has engineered both the ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch 2 Light to withstand the demands of daily wear and active lifestyles. These watches boast an impressive battery life of up to 30 days, ensuring uninterrupted usage without frequent recharging. Additionally, they offer water resistance up to 50 meters, meaning you can confidently wear them during water-based activities.

Key Takeaway

The Withings ScanWatch 2 is a feature-packed smartwatch that sets a new standard for health and wellness monitoring. With its temperature-sensing capability, extensive health tracking features, and long-lasting battery life, it provides users with valuable insights into their overall well-being. Whether you’re an athlete looking to maximize performance or someone who wants to stay on top of their health, the ScanWatch 2 is the ultimate companion.

Pre-orders for the ScanWatch 2 are now available on the Withings website, with wide availability scheduled for October. The watch comes in two sizes – 42mm and 38mm – and offers various colorways to suit individual preferences. Prices start at $349.95 for the ScanWatch 2 and $249.95 for the ScanWatch 2 Light. Stay tuned for future updates, as Withings plans to introduce more color options for both models.

Embrace the Withings ScanWatch 2 and unlock a world of health and wellness possibilities right at your wrist. Make informed decisions, track your progress, and take control of your well-being like never before.

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