New Silent Startup Favs Raises $1M To Revolutionize Social Networking


A new social network is set to disrupt the current landscape dominated by entertainment and advertising giants. Favs, a stealth startup, aims to bring social networking back to its roots by focusing on maintaining strong and meaningful connections with close friends and family. Unlike other platforms that prioritize ad revenue and user engagement, Favs intends to offer a lightweight experience that encourages users to spend limited time on the app.

Key Takeaway

Favs, a new social networking app, aims to bring social media back to its roots by offering a lightweight experience focused on meaningful connections. Unlike current platforms, Favs encourages users to spend limited time on the app and emphasizes real-world friendships. With its unique approach, Favs has already attracted significant investor interest, raising close to

million in a pre-seed round. The app is set to launch in January 2024.

Going Against the Grain

Unlike social media platforms that bombard users with ads, influencers, and branded content, Favs is taking a different approach. Co-founder and CEO Saba Karim, drawing from his experience at the Techstars accelerator, recognized the growing demand for networks that prioritize real-world friendships and connections. Favs aims to cut through the noise and place the spotlight back on friends and their updates.

A Refreshing User Experience

Favs plans to differentiate itself by providing a social networking app that doesn’t have a status update box, a news feed, or an inbox. Instead of overwhelming users with endless content, Favs aims to limit the time spent on the app, encouraging users to pursue other activities. Karim emphasizes that the goal is not to create addiction but to help users maintain a healthy balance between screen time and real-life experiences.

Unique Features and Approach

While Favs has not yet revealed its secret sauce, it intends to offer a unique user experience that focuses on friends’ updates and real-life connections. The app will analyze users’ contacts to identify their closest connections and provide a way to keep up with their updates, even if they’re not using the app. Favs may also leverage the iPhone’s Dynamic Island and explore other iOS features.

The Business Model

Favs plans to monetize without relying on advertisements, which has divided investor opinions. The startup has already raised close to $1 million in a pre-seed round, with the backing of notable investors including Sunset Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Scout Fund, and Techstars CEO David Cohen. Despite not needing additional funds until next June, Favs has already received inbound interest for a seed round.

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