Meta’s Horizon Worlds Expands To Web And Mobile: A New Era For VR Social App


Meta, the social media giant, is making a groundbreaking move by bringing its popular VR social app, Horizon Worlds, out of the headset and onto web and mobile platforms. This highly anticipated expansion aims to attract a wider user base and revolutionize the way people connect and interact in virtual reality.

Key Takeaway

Meta’s Horizon Worlds is entering a new phase of development, expanding its reach to web and mobile users, providing a unique VR social experience beyond the confines of a VR headset.

Breaking Barriers: Accessible to All

By expanding to mobile and web platforms, Horizon Worlds is breaking down the barriers of entry that were previously limited to users who owned a Quest VR headset. Now, anyone with a web browser or a mobile device can join in on the virtual fun. This accessibility is a game-changer, as it opens up Horizon Worlds to a much larger audience.

A Thriving Virtual Community

While user numbers for the VR version of Horizon Worlds have not been officially disclosed, reports suggest that the platform is not as densely populated as expected. However, with the expansion to web and mobile, Meta aims to create a thriving virtual community with a diverse range of users and experiences.

Exploring the Infinite Possibilities

Horizon Worlds allows players to immerse themselves in a virtual world where they can interact with others as their unique virtual avatars. The platform offers a variety of games and “worlds” designed by Meta or created by users themselves. Additionally, users have the opportunity to create and sell items within the platform, although Meta claims a hefty 47.5% commission on sales.

Paving the Way for Enhancements

Meta is committed to constantly improving the user experience in Horizon Worlds. Earlier this year, the platform received criticism when it opened its doors to teenage users. However, to ensure safety, those under 18 are automatically set to a “garbled voices” setting, protecting them from unfamiliar voices.

Furthermore, one of the most exciting updates coming to Horizon Worlds is the addition of avatar legs. Meta is working diligently to give avatars a more lifelike appearance, enhancing the overall sense of presence and immersion for users.

In addition to these developments, Meta is also exploring in-app purchases and creator bonuses within Horizon Worlds. These features are set to provide new opportunities for users to personalize their experiences and create a thriving virtual economy.

As Meta pioneers the expansion of Horizon Worlds to web and mobile platforms, the future of virtual reality social experiences is evolving. The potential for a truly connected and immersive virtual community is within reach, and the impact of this groundbreaking move will surely be felt throughout the industry.

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