New Partnership Between Uber Eats And Getir To Revolutionize Grocery Deliveries In Europe


In a move that is set to transform the grocery delivery landscape in Europe, Uber Eats and Getir have announced their partnership. Starting in the UK, the collaboration will expand to other European markets where both companies operate in the coming weeks, including Germany and the Netherlands.

Key Takeaway

Uber Eats and Getir have joined forces to offer seamless and rapid grocery deliveries in Europe. This partnership allows Uber Eats to expand its grocery delivery options and cater to the increasing demand from users. Getir, leveraging the popularity of Uber’s platform, can reach a larger customer base and further accelerate its growth in the q-commerce space.

Expanding Grocery Delivery Options and User Base

Getir, a quick commerce player, has made its service available through Uber’s platform to tap into a larger user base. This strategic partnership will provide Uber Eats users with access to over 2,000 products in the UK, with deliveries expected to be made in minutes. As part of the collaboration, Uber Eats customers will also have the option to shop from Gorillas stores, further enhancing the range of choices.

Driving Growth in the Q-Commerce Space

Getir, valued at almost $12 billion, aims to fuel its growth by leveraging Uber’s wide-reaching platform. By utilizing Gorillas’ network of dark stores, Getir can ensure speedy and efficient grocery deliveries. This partnership allows Uber Eats to expand its grocery delivery offering across Europe, in addition to its existing partnerships with renowned supermarkets like Tesco and Waitrose in the UK.

Meeting the Growing Demand for Grocery Deliveries

Uber Eats has seen a significant increase in demand for groceries from its users, with orders in New Verticals surpassing $5 billion in Gross Bookings in Q1 alone. To cater to different tastes and needs, Uber Eats has been actively collaborating with various brands in the market. This approach has proven successful in driving growth and providing convenience to millions of customers across Europe.

Enhancing Convenience and Choice for Customers

The partnership between Uber Eats and Getir aims to redefine the concept of convenience in grocery shopping. By integrating Getir stores into the Uber Eats app, customers can access a wide range of everyday essentials and enjoy ultrafast grocery delivery. To maintain speedy delivery times, Getir couriers will fulfill these grocery deliveries, ensuring efficient service.

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