New Open Source Observability Solution, SigNoz, Secures $6.5 Million Investment


In the world of software development, ensuring optimal app performance and infrastructure health is crucial. Companies rely on monitoring tools to identify and address any issues that may arise, preventing potential setbacks. With the growing demand for observability solutions, SigNoz, an open source startup, has recently secured a $6.5 million investment to deliver a more flexible and decentralized approach.

Key Takeaway

SigNoz, an open source observability startup, has secured a $6.5 million investment to offer a more flexible and decentralized approach to monitoring. Built on the OpenTelemetry framework, SigNoz enables developers to seamlessly collect and analyze telemetry data, including metrics, logs, and traces. The use of ClickHouse, an open source columnar database management system, further enhances storage efficiency and query performance. SigNoz plans to use the funding to refine its product, expand its cloud and enterprise offerings, and deepen integration into developer workflows.

Observability: A Vital Component in Today’s Software Landscape

Observability is a monitoring method that focuses on measuring and understanding the internal workings of a system through telemetry data. This data includes metrics, logs, and traces, providing valuable insights into the performance and stability of an application. While established players like Datadog and New Relic dominate the observability market, SigNoz aims to address the need for a more customizable and adaptable solution.

How SigNoz Leverages OpenTelemetry for Enhanced Monitoring

SigNoz is built on the foundation of OpenTelemetry (OTEL), a standards-based framework that simplifies the collection of telemetry data. Leveraging OTEL’s SDK, developers can seamlessly send data, encompassing metrics, logs, and traces, from their applications and infrastructure to SigNoz. By using SigNoz, e-commerce companies, for instance, can promptly identify and resolve issues affecting their customers’ experience, such as slow-loading product listing pages caused by problematic APIs.

“Because we have metrics, logs, and traces in a single app, users can go from metrics to traces and traces to related logs very seamlessly in just a few clicks,” explained SigNoz co-founder and CEO Pranay Prateek. “This helps users solve issues much faster.”

SigNoz’s Unique Approach: ClickHouse and Columnar Database Management

While open source observability tools have gained traction in recent years, SigNoz stands out by leveraging ClickHouse, an open source columnar database management system. ClickHouse offers efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional relational databases due to its column-oriented structure, which optimizes data compression and disk I/O operations. This, in turn, reduces both storage requirements and query processing times.

According to Prateek, developers are struggling with high prices, slow data ingestion, and limited functionality from older APM vendors. SigNoz aims to address these pain points by providing a more affordable and feature-rich solution.

As the demand for observability and performance monitoring continues to grow, SigNoz’s innovative approach and open source nature position it as a promising contender in the observability market. With its fresh funding, SigNoz aims to mature its product, introduce more OpenTelemetry-native features, and scale its cloud and enterprise offerings. Additionally, SigNoz plans to expand its capabilities into areas like security analysis, further establishing itself as a comprehensive observability solution.

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