New Life For Old B2B Leads: A Segmented Strategy To Maximize Sales Opportunities


Managing funds and maintaining liquidity is crucial for startup founders. It’s important to have a treasury management strategy in place that optimizes operating and strategic cash reserves. In light of recent events such as the meltdown of startup-focused banks, protecting your cash has become even more vital. Benjamin Döpfner, founder and CEO of Vesto, shares his insights on how startups can protect their cash and develop an effective treasury management strategy.

Key Takeaway

Developing a treasury management strategy is crucial for startup founders to optimize their operating and strategic cash reserves. Implementing a segmented strategy can help revitalize lapsed B2B leads and maximize sales opportunities. Latin America’s startup ecosystem holds immense potential and has garnered interest from foreign investors. Exploring alternative visa options can provide international students with opportunities to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. Quick grocery delivery models have found success in emerging markets by capitalizing on lower labor costs and direct relationships with food producers. Critical analysis of pitch decks can help founders refine their presentations and make a stronger impact on potential investors.

Segmented Strategy for B2B Sales

Are your B2B leads gathering dust in your CRM? Don’t let them go to waste. Sales teams should focus on developing a segmented strategy to reach out to lapsed leads. By leveraging automation and implementing a comprehensive strategy, it’s possible to revitalize these leads, even with limited resources. TC+ columnist Jonathan Martinez provides valuable advice on how to accomplish this goal and make the most of your B2B leads.

Optimism for Latin America’s Startups

The Latin American startup scene is brimming with optimism, according to a recent survey of eight VCs active in the region. Despite the challenges faced by the region in minting unicorns, foreign investors remain intrigued. The VCs share their insights on the sectors they’re watching and what it would take to reignite foreign investors’ interest. This survey offers valuable perspectives on the opportunities and potential for growth in Latin America’s startup ecosystem.

Exploring Alternative Visas for International Students

International students often face the challenge of navigating the visa process in order to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. In this edition of “Ask Sophie,” immigration lawyer and TC+ columnist Sophie Alcorn addresses questions related to bypassing the H-1B visa process. One of the topics discussed is the possibility of obtaining an O-1A visa, which could be a potential alternative for international students looking to start their own tech startups.

The Viability of Quick Grocery Delivery Models

While closures and consolidations have affected the quick grocery delivery sector in the United States, these models are finding success in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America. Lower labor costs and direct relationships with food producers contribute to the viability of these startups in emerging market economies. Rebecca Szkutak explores the factors that make these models work and the key differences they have compared to the Western European and U.S. markets.

Critical Analysis of Pitch Decks

Guy Kawasaki, well-known author and speaker, is known for his pitch deck ethos involving a concise 10-slide presentation. However, Haje Jan Kamps offers a critical analysis of Kawasaki’s approach in comparison to his own pitch deck checklist. According to Kamps, while Kawasaki’s template has some merits, it may not be as effective as it once was. This analysis provides valuable insights for startup founders looking to craft effective pitch decks.

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