New Funding Propels Stensul’s Marketing Creation Features To New Heights


Email marketing continues to prove its effectiveness as a key tool in marketing campaigns, according to Stensul. The multi-channel marketing creation platform helps customers streamline the process of creating campaigns, and its CEO, Noah Dinkin, highlights the continued value of email in a landscape of new technologies.

Key Takeaway

Email marketing remains a fundamental and effective tool in marketing campaigns. Stensul, a multi-channel marketing creation platform, has secured $34.5 million in Series C funding to further develop its product and enhance its AI capabilities. With continued growth and a focus on enterprise adoption, Stensul aims to solidify its position as a leader in the market.

Stensul recently secured $34.5 million in Series C funding, led by Sageview Capital, bringing its total funding to $58.5 million. The company plans to allocate the funds to further develop its product, with a focus on enhancing its AI capabilities.

The Power of Email Marketing

Noah Dinkin emphasizes the importance of email marketing, stating that it deserves more credit for its reliability and strong ROI. With advancements in privacy, targeting, and better data capabilities, email remains a valuable channel for businesses. Stensul’s platform provides customers with tools to personalize content using generative AI, helping them optimize their email marketing campaigns.

In addition to email marketing, Stensul has expanded its offering to include a range of new features and functionalities. Most notably, the company introduced Landing Page, a no-code, drag-and-drop tool that allows customers to create integrated landing pages. Stensul also introduced email localization capabilities, enabling customers to send multi-language emails.

Strong Growth and Future Outlook

While specific details about customer and revenue growth were not disclosed, Stensul reported significant growth in both the enterprise and mid-market segments. The company expects the fourth quarter of this year to be its largest quarter to date. This positive trajectory aligns with Stensul’s plans to further accelerate adoption in enterprise organizations.

Investing in Product Development

The Series C funding will enable Stensul to invest further in product development, enhancing the AI capabilities introduced earlier this year. The company believes that by continuously enhancing its platform, it can better serve its customers in creating impactful marketing campaigns.

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