New Facebook Stories API Allows Easy Sharing From Third-Party Apps


Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced the launch of a new API that enables creators to directly create and share Facebook Stories from third-party desktop or web apps. The API aims to provide a seamless and efficient way for content-focused creator software to integrate with Facebook Stories, catering to the professional market.

Key Takeaway

Meta has launched the Facebook Stories API, allowing third-party desktop and web apps to integrate with Facebook Stories. The API offers content creators a seamless way to directly share their creations on the platform, eliminating the need for manual downloads and uploads. This new development aims to cater to the professional market and streamline the sharing process for a more efficient user experience.

Opening Up New Possibilities

Facebook introduced Stories to its main app in 2017, following the footsteps of Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Inspired by Snapchat, Stories offer users a temporary way to share video and image-based content. Although Meta hasn’t disclosed the number of Facebook Stories users, it exceeded 500 million users in 2019.

In the past, Meta allowed mobile apps to share content to Facebook Stories. However, with the new Facebook Stories API, desktop and web apps can directly integrate with Facebook Stories, enabling users to easily share their creations without any inconvenience.

Streamlining the Process

The integration of the Facebook Stories API simplifies sharing for apps aimed at content creators. Previously, tools like Adobe, Canva, and Picsart required users to download their stories and manually upload them to Facebook. With the API, users can share directly to Facebook Stories with just a single button within the app.

App developers using the Facebook Stories API will need to implement Facebook Login authentication to secure access to personal or business accounts. However, apps that have already been approved by Facebook will not need to go through the approval process again.

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