New Chipmaker NXP Data Breach Exposes Customer Information


Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors has informed its customers about a recent data breach that compromised their personal information. The breach was initially reported by Troy Hunt, the owner of Have I Been Pwned, who shared an email sent by NXP to affected customers. The breach seems to have affected individuals with online NXP accounts, which grant access to technical content and community support.

Key Takeaway

Dutch chipmaker NXP Semiconductors has confirmed a data breach affecting customers’ personal information. An unauthorized party gained access to an NXP online portal, compromising various types of data. NXP is apologizing for any inconvenience caused and has notified relevant authorities. Customers are advised to be cautious regarding unsolicited communications requesting personal information or containing suspicious links.

Unauthorized Access to Personal Information

NXP spokesperson Andrea Lempart confirmed the breach but did not disclose the number of impacted customers. According to Lempart, an “unauthorized party” gained access to a system connected to NXP’s online portal, compromising customers’ full names, email addresses, postal addresses, business and mobile phone numbers, company names, job titles, descriptions, and communication preferences. The spokesperson stated that NXP is being cautious and apologizes for any inconvenience caused to the affected individuals.

Little Information Regarding the Nature of the Breach

However, NXP has not provided details about how the breach occurred or the reason for the delay in notifying impacted customers. The intrusion occurred on July 11 and was discovered by NXP three days later on July 14. NXP has taken the necessary step of notifying relevant authorities about the breach.

In the email sent to affected customers, NXP urges vigilance when dealing with unsolicited communications that request personal information or contain suspicious links.

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