New Acquisition: Webull Expands Into Mexico With Flink


Webull, the popular stock trading app, is making its entry into the Mexican market with its acquisition of investment platform Flink. This move allows Webull, which is based in the United States, to expand its presence and offer its low-commission online trading platform in Mexico.

Key Takeaway

Webull’s acquisition of Flink marks its expansion into the Mexican market, providing Mexican investors with a low-commission online trading platform. Flink’s existing customers will benefit from Webull’s technology and gain access to a wider range of investment products.

A Strategic Move

Webull’s acquisition of Flink, a Mexico City-based startup, marks its foray into the Mexican market. The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but this acquisition positions Webull to tap into an untapped and vibrant market with a young population that has a growing demand for technology-based wealth-building solutions.

Flink, founded in 2017, has raised $70 million in funding so far, including a $57 million Series B round announced in August 2021. Its investors include renowned firms like Accel, Lightspeed Venture Partners, ALLVP, Clocktower, and Mantis Venture Capital. Flink’s platform enables Mexican consumers to invest in fractional shares of U.S.-listed companies without paying commissions, thereby democratizing access to the capital markets.

As part of the acquisition, Webull is also acquiring Vifaru Casa de Bolsa, a Mexican brokerage that Flink had agreed to purchase in May 2022.

The Potential of the Mexican Market

The acquisition of Flink aligns with Webull’s mission to use technology to provide affordable access to global markets for investors in all economies. The co-founder of Flink, Sergio Jiménez Amozurrutia, highlighted the vast untapped potential of the Mexican market, where only a fraction of its population has the ability to invest in the capital markets. This presents a significant opportunity for Webull and Flink to address this disparity by offering innovative investment products, user-friendly technology, and world-class support to Mexican investors.

Expanding Investment Opportunities

With the acquisition, Flink’s customers will retain the ability to trade U.S. stocks through the Flink platform. However, Webull plans to integrate its own technology into the platform in the coming months. This will allow Flink’s users to access a broader range of investment products and benefit from Webull’s user-friendly interface and extensive support.

Webull, initially launched in the United States in 2018, has rapidly gained popularity with its low-cost trading platform and cash management solutions. With over 8 million accounts worldwide, Webull is expanding its global footprint and now operates in nine markets, including the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Japan, the U.K., and now Mexico.

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