N26 Expands Banking Offerings With Stock And ETF Trading Feature


Berlin-based banking startup N26 has announced the launch of a new stock and ETF trading feature, starting with Austria as its initial market. This move signifies the company’s renewed focus on its core markets, aiming to provide a broader portfolio of banking products in those regions.

Key Takeaway

N26, a Berlin-based banking startup, has introduced stock and ETF trading in Austria, signaling a renewed emphasis on core markets and an expanded range of banking products.

Challenger Bank Evolution

Initially, N26 offered a straightforward product—a user-friendly account for money transfers and a real-time manageable card via a mobile app. The company’s success in attracting millions of customers stemmed from its superior functionality compared to traditional banks. Over time, N26 expanded to new markets and diversified its product offerings.

Strategic Focus on Efficiency and Profitability

Following substantial funding and expansion efforts, N26 has shifted its focus towards efficiency and profitability, leading to a strategic decision to concentrate exclusively on Europe, particularly Germany, France, Spain, and Italy. Regulatory scrutiny from Germany’s financial regulator, BaFin, has also influenced N26’s operational strategy, with BaFin imposing a monthly cap of 60,000 new client signups.

Enhanced Anti-Money Laundering Measures

To align with regulatory requirements, N26 has intensified its anti-money laundering controls while striving to enhance margins and identify new revenue streams within its existing customer base.

Introduction of Stock and ETF Trading

N26’s collaboration with Upvest has facilitated the introduction of stock and ETF trading, enabling users to seamlessly allocate funds from their primary N26 account to this new trading platform. The inclusion of fractional shares allows users to invest in specific ETFs or stocks with amounts as low as €1. Premium customers will soon benefit from a limited number of complimentary trades per month, depending on their subscription plan.

Gradual Rollout and Future Expansion

Initially available in Austria, the stock and ETF trading feature will be gradually introduced, with plans to extend to Germany in the near future, followed by other European countries. N26’s recent introduction of savings accounts in Spain and Germany, along with the provision of crypto trading in select markets, reflects its evolution into a comprehensive banking platform.

Path to Profitability

Despite reporting a €100 million loss in 2023, N26 has made significant progress in increasing its revenue, primarily derived from interchange fees, subscription revenue, credit products, and interest revenue from customer deposits. With a customer base exceeding 8 million and assets under management totaling €8 billion, N26 is poised to achieve profitability in the near future.

As N26 continues to expand its suite of banking services, the introduction of stock and ETF trading underscores its commitment to providing a comprehensive financial platform for its growing customer base.

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