Musk’s X Complies With Indian Government Orders To Withhold Accounts And Tweets


X, formerly known as Twitter, has announced that it is withholding specific accounts and posts in India in response to executive orders issued by the Indian government. The firm stated that it disagrees with the action but is complying to avoid potential penalties, including significant fines and imprisonment.

Key Takeaway

X, formerly known as Twitter, is complying with executive orders from the Indian government by withholding specific accounts and posts in India, despite expressing disagreement with the action. The company has emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in its response to the government’s orders.

Legal Restrictions and Lack of Transparency

X’s Global Government Affairs highlighted that legal restrictions prevent the firm from publishing the executive orders, emphasizing the importance of making them public for transparency. The company suggested filing a writ appeal challenging the Indian government’s blocking orders, which is currently pending. X has also notified users impacted by the orders, expressing concerns about the lack of disclosure leading to a lack of accountability and arbitrary decision-making.

Government Orders and Social Media Restrictions

The disclosure from X follows the Indian government’s temporary block of about 177 accounts and posts related to farmers’ protests in the country. The authorities have taken such actions amidst the farmers’ demands for an increase in the minimum support price of their produce. India’s amended IT rules grant the government greater powers to enforce compliance from internet services in the country, reflecting the nation’s significance as a key market for global technology firms.

Privacy Advocate’s Perspective

Privacy advocate Apar Gupta expressed concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability in the government’s actions, particularly regarding the pre-censorship of Twitter accounts of farm leaders. The advocate also highlighted the loss of transparency with the new ownership of Twitter and the government’s reluctance to submit to accountability.

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