Keep Labs Reinvents Medication Management With Smart Storage


Keep Labs, the innovative healthcare technology company, has introduced a revolutionary storage solution that has redefined medication management. The company’s flagship product, the Keep, is a lockable storage container designed to securely hold and track medications.

Key Takeaway

Keep Labs has introduced the Keep, a smart storage solution that revolutionizes medication management. Designed to securely hold medications, track their usage, and promote medication adherence, the Keep offers a comprehensive solution for individuals and healthcare providers. By focusing on medicine rather than cannabis, Keep Labs has overcome marketing restrictions and is committed to enhancing patient safety and medication management.

A Beautifully Designed and Functional Device

The Keep device is not your typical medicine box. It is beautifully designed with a sleek, matte finish and features a clock on the front. From the outside, it looks more like a smart speaker than a secure storage container. By simply clicking a button on the app, the lid opens, revealing a space that can hold up to six bottles of pills. Alternatively, with the secure mode disabled, a simple double tap on the front of the device opens it without the need for a smartphone.

Advanced Tracking and Notification System

One of the most impressive features of the Keep is its sophisticated scale, which detects any slight changes in the weight of the medication bottles. This allows the device to track and record the usage of medications. If a dose is missed, the Keep will automatically trigger a smartphone notification on the user’s or a designated companion’s phone, ensuring that medication adherence is accurately monitored.

Beyond Secure Storage: A Solution for Harm Reduction and Medication Management

For the founders of Keep Labs, the aim is not just to provide a secure container for medications, but to tackle the broader issues of harm reduction and medication management. Keep Labs believes that by offering a comprehensive solution, it can help individuals and healthcare providers improve medication adherence and reduce the risk of medication-related harm.

An Evolving Journey: From Cannabis to Medicine

Keep Labs’ journey to creating the Keep has been both challenging and transformative. The company initially faced setbacks when its device was marketed as a cannabis storage product and won and lost an innovation award at CES 2020. Since then, the company has rebranded its messaging to focus on medicine rather than cannabis to overcome marketing restrictions and expand its reach.

The Pre-Order Success and a Shift Towards an Enterprise Offering

Despite not having a shipping product, Keep Labs achieved remarkable success with its pre-order campaign. Over 15,000 people pre-ordered the device, with 5,000 customers paying in full. However, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted production, leading to the cancellation of manufacturing contracts and a period of uncertainty for the company.

During this challenging time, Keep Labs took a step back and engaged with its pre-order customers to understand their needs and expectations. This valuable feedback led to the appointment of Jeff Wandzura, a trained pharmacist, as the company’s CEO. With a focus on medication adherence and harm reduction, Keep Labs explored partnerships with Canadian healthcare providers, including the McKesson Digital Health Network, to provide real-time medication data and support to patients.

Enhanced Security and Privacy Measures

Keep Labs takes the security and privacy of its customers’ data seriously. The company adheres to strict data protection regulations and implements robust encryption algorithms for data transmission and storage. Multi-factor authentication, regular security audits, and penetration testing are also conducted to prevent unauthorized access. The company’s comprehensive approach to security ensures that patient information remains confidential and secure at all times.

Looking Towards the Future

With its first-generation product now available to consumers, Keep Labs is exploring raising capital at the end of 2023 or early 2024. The company aims to expand its offering and further innovate in the field of medication management. In the pipeline is a second-generation product that includes a cooling device, catering to medications that require refrigeration. Keep Labs is set to make a significant impact in the healthcare industry with its commitment to improving medication safety and adherence.

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