New HR Platform By Remote Streamlines Global Hiring And Compliance


Remote, the platform that specializes in helping companies hire and manage remote workers, has launched a new product called the Global HR Platform. The platform is designed specifically for companies with workers spread across multiple countries. The introduction of this product comes as Remote recognizes the growing number of companies facing the same challenges that the founders, Job van der Voort and Marcelo Lebre, faced while working at GitLab.

Key Takeaway

Remote has launched the Global HR Platform to help companies easily manage and onboard remote workers from different countries, reducing the time it takes to expand globally and hire top talent.

Remote’s Global HR Platform aims to streamline the process of onboarding candidates from different countries, reducing the time it takes from weeks to days. This feature is especially beneficial for companies looking to expand globally and hire the best talent from around the world.

A Solution for the Hybrid and Remote Work Model

Despite the talk of returning to the office, the reality is that many companies are now adopting a hybrid work model or fully embracing remote work. Remote’s Global HR Platform addresses this shift by providing employers with the tools they need to effectively manage and support their remote workforce.

Reinventing the HR Stack for Global Expansion

Remote’s Global HR Platform consolidates various HR tools, making it easier for companies to expand globally. The platform includes features such as talent management, time and attendance tracking, integrated payroll, and employer-of-record services. With these tools, companies can efficiently handle HR tasks and compliance across multiple countries, allowing for seamless and compliant global expansion.

Built by Experts in Remote Work

As a company that operates with a fully distributed workforce, Remote understands the challenges and complexities of managing remote teams. Their expertise has allowed them to build a platform that addresses the specific needs of companies with a global-first approach. Remote’s Global HR Platform offers solutions for payroll, financial compliance, equity incentives, country-specific benefits packages, and integration with other software through their remote API.

Looking Ahead

Remote’s Global HR Platform is set to revolutionize how companies manage their remote workforce and navigate the complexities of international expansion. With its comprehensive features and expertise in remote work, Remote is poised to become a leading solution for companies embracing the future of work.

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