Introducing Locker: The Social Shopping Platform Revolutionizing Online Shopping


After years of struggling with organizing shopping links and product screenshots, Kristine Locker has finally launched Locker, a social shopping platform that simplifies the process of creating virtual wish lists and collages. This innovative platform aims to transform the way people shop and share their favorite products with friends and family.

Key Takeaway

Locker, the brainchild of Kristine Locker, is revolutionizing the way people shop and share their favorite products. With its unique approach to social commerce and emphasis on user-friendly interaction, Locker is poised to reshape the online shopping experience for everyday consumers.

The Pinterest for Online Shopping

Locker, often referred to as the “Pinterest for online shopping,” made its debut in 2022 as a Chrome extension and an iOS app. It allows users to save online products into categorized wish lists, discover outfit collages created by other users, and collaborate with friends to create giftable collections. The platform’s user-friendly interface and seamless social integration have garnered significant attention in the e-commerce space.

Securing Funding and Recognition

Recently, Locker announced a successful $2.5 million funding round from Wonder Ventures, valuing the company at $9 million. Valentina Rodriguez of Wonder Ventures praised Kristine Locker for her unique approach, stating that Locker has successfully placed shopping at the core of social interaction, unlike other social media platforms.

Empowering Everyday Consumers

Unlike influencer-focused platforms, Locker is designed for everyday consumers who seek to curate shoppable collections for personal enjoyment. Kristine Locker emphasized the platform’s mission to create an authentic sharing environment without the pressure of monetization, allowing users to share their genuine shopping experiences with friends.

Business Model and Growth

Locker’s revenue model revolves around partnerships with brands through affiliate networks, earning an average commission rate of 12%. The platform also offers a “Shopping Club” where users can earn rewards by referring friends. With a rapidly growing user base of 80,000 monthly active users, Locker has positioned itself as a disruptive force in the social commerce landscape.

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