Instagram Expands Marketplace To Connect Brands And Creators In 8 New Countries


Instagram has announced the expansion of its marketplace tool to facilitate connections between brands and creators for paid partnerships or advertisements in eight additional countries. This move aims to provide more opportunities for collaboration and business growth in the digital space.

Key Takeaway

Instagram’s expansion of its marketplace tool to connect brands and creators in eight new countries aims to foster collaboration and business opportunities in the digital landscape, providing a streamlined platform for paid partnerships and advertisements.

Expanding Reach

The new markets gaining access to the marketplace include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil. This expansion follows the initial testing of the platform in the U.S. in 2022, during which “thousands” of creators and brands were onboarded.

Enhanced Features

Last year, Instagram introduced API features for creator outreach and structuring briefs, and also extended invitations to agencies to utilize the platform. Additionally, the company plans to invite Chinese export brands to connect with creators outside of China, further broadening the marketplace’s global reach.

Inviting Participation

Over the next few weeks, Instagram will extend invitations to both brands and creators to join the marketplace in the newly added regions. Marketers will have the opportunity to engage creators for paid partnerships or partnership ads, enabling advertisers to promote organic content as ads.

Streamlined Process

Through the professional dashboard in the Instagram app, creators can join the platform, highlight their content, and specify relevant brands and interests. Meta, the parent company of Instagram, facilitates the matching of brands with suitable creators for specific marketing campaigns using its machine learning algorithm. Companies can also manually search for creators and apply filters to refine their results based on creator and audience categories, as well as ad experience.

Seamless Communication

Creators will have a dedicated folder on Instagram called “Partnership messages” to manage requests and conversations with brands initiated through the marketplace. This feature allows them to review campaign details within the app, streamlining the communication process.

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