Insight Timer CEO Frustrated As Apple Demands 30% Of Donations To Teachers


The CEO of meditation app Insight Timer, Christopher Plowman, is facing a new challenge as Apple demands a 30% commission on the donations made to teachers through the app. This unexpected reversal has left Plowman and his team frustrated, as they now have to comply with Apple’s decision or risk having their iOS business shut down.

Key Takeaway

Apple’s demand for a 30% commission on donations to teachers through Insight Timer has sparked frustration and concern within the app’s community. The reversal of Apple’s previous stance has raised questions about the consistency and impact of its app review process on developers.

Apple’s Reversal

For the past 12 months, Insight Timer had been operating under the impression that donations made to teachers through its app were exempt from Apple’s commission. However, Apple’s recent change of heart has put the company in a difficult position, as it now seeks a cut of the revenue generated from these donations.

The Complex Issue

The situation highlights the challenges that developers face when navigating the App Store and its evolving set of rules. Despite Insight Timer’s efforts to comply with Apple’s guidelines, the sudden reversal has raised questions about the consistency of Apple’s app review process and its impact on developers.

Impact on Insight Timer

Insight Timer, a popular meditation app with millions of users, generates revenue through subscriptions and donations. The app’s donation feature allows users to tip meditation teachers, providing them with additional income. However, Apple’s decision to impose a commission on these donations has created uncertainty for both Insight Timer and its community of teachers.

Plowman’s Response

Christopher Plowman has expressed his frustration with Apple’s decision, emphasizing the impact it will have on the teachers who rely on these donations. Despite his efforts to engage with Apple and seek a resolution, Plowman has ultimately agreed to comply with the new commission structure to avoid jeopardizing Insight Timer’s presence on the App Store.

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