Humane’s Ai Pin To Launch In South Korea With SK Telecom Partnership


Hyped AI startup Humane has revealed its plans to expand into the international market by partnering with South Korean carrier SK Telecom. This announcement follows the company’s decision to postpone the release of its Ai Pin device in the U.S. from March to mid-April.

Key Takeaway

Humane, the AI startup behind the innovative Ai Pin device, is set to enter the international market through a strategic partnership with SK Telecom in South Korea. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Humane as it navigates through previous delays and setbacks, signaling a positive trajectory for the company’s future endeavors.


Founded in 2017 by former Apple executives Bethany Bongiorno and Imran Chaudhri, Humane has garnered over $200 million in funding from notable backers such as Microsoft, Qualcomm Ventures, and OpenAI’s Sam Altman. The company unveiled its innovative “Ai Pin” device last June, which boasts a unique wearable form factor equipped with sensors, generative AI capabilities, and a mini projector for displaying information on any surface.

Product Details

The Ai Pin is priced at $699 upfront, with a $24 monthly subscription that includes a phone number and unlimited data for AI-powered queries. Humane has positioned itself as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), with T-Mobile as its launch partner in the U.S. market.

Delays and Developments

Despite showcasing the Ai Pin, the product has yet to reach consumers, and the company faced setbacks, including a round of layoffs and the departure of CTO Patrick Gates. However, the recent partnership with SK Telecom signals a positive turn for Humane as it prepares to scale up production. The collaboration also involves SK Telecom licensing Humane’s CosmOS, the proprietary AI-enabled operating system powering the Ai Pin.

Strategic Partnership

SK Telecom has been strengthening its AI offerings, launching A.Dot, a ChatGPT competitor, and expressing its ambition to become a “global AI company.” The partnership with Humane signifies a strategic investment opportunity, with plans to explore new subscription offerings and revenue opportunities for the Korean market.

Future Outlook

While the exact timeline for the Ai Pin’s release in South Korea remains unclear, the partnership with SK Telecom presents promising prospects for Humane’s expansion into the international market.

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