HubSpot Enhances Its AI Platform By Acquiring B2B Data Provider Clearbit


HubSpot, the Boston-based marketing software maker and CRM platform, has announced its acquisition of Clearbit, a B2B data provider. This acquisition aims to enhance HubSpot’s platform by integrating third-party company data for millions of businesses. In addition, Clearbit’s extensive user base of over 400,000 and more than 1,500 business customers will now become part of HubSpot’s ecosystem. The collaboration between the two platforms will ultimately provide HubSpot’s customers with expanded data and actionable insights.

Key Takeaway

HubSpot’s acquisition of Clearbit will enable the integration of third-party company data into HubSpot’s platform, enhancing the AI-powered customer platform with expanded data and actionable insights. Clearbit’s advanced technological capabilities, including Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI, position it as a valuable addition to HubSpot’s ecosystem. This acquisition reflects HubSpot’s commitment to helping companies grow better by harnessing the power of data.

Clearbit’s Evolution as a B2B Data Provider

Clearbit was founded in 2015 with a primary focus on helping users find email addresses associated with a company, as well as employee information such as names, job titles, and social media accounts. This valuable information aimed to help companies gain a better understanding of their leads and enhance their sales prospects. With backing from notable investors including SV Angel and First Round Capital, Clearbit evolved into a comprehensive suite of tools for sales, marketing, and operations teams. Clearbit also formed integrations with popular CRM providers like HubSpot and Salesforce, offering technology to enrich leads, contacts, and accounts with additional data from various sources, including web data and proprietary information.

More recently, Clearbit has been leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative AI to convert unstructured data into standardized datasets for B2B teams. This innovative technology allows Clearbit to identify and enrich company and contact data from any country and language. Clearbit’s reputation, coupled with its advanced technological capabilities, made it an attractive acquisition target.

The Benefits of the Acquisition

HubSpot recognizes that while collecting company data has become easier over the years, challenges remain when it comes to analyzing and utilizing that data effectively. By combining Clearbit’s data with HubSpot’s AI-powered customer platform, companies will be able to enrich their internal customer data with real-time external context. Yamini Rangan, CEO of HubSpot, stated, “Clearbit has made it its mission to collect rich and useful data about millions of companies. HubSpot’s AI-powered customer platform combined with Clearbit’s data will create a powerful, winning combination for our customers.”

Clearbit’s Future as a Subsidiary

After the deal’s completion, Clearbit will become a subsidiary of HubSpot and will eventually be integrated into the HubSpot customer platform. Clearbit’s strong partnerships with other businesses like Twilio Segment, Asana, Intercom, Zenefits, Greenhouse, Chargebee, Lattice, and, in addition to their existing relationship with HubSpot since 2019, solidify the potential for seamless integration.

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