Hellohive: Revolutionizing Hiring Practices To Combat Discrimination


Resume and recruitment platform Hellohive is on a mission to address hiring bias and promote inclusivity in the job market. The company aims to create a virtual community that connects employers with individuals seeking employment opportunities, particularly those from underrepresented or socially marginalized backgrounds.

Key Takeaway

Hellohive’s innovative approach aims to level the playing field in the job market by providing equal opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Creating Equal Opportunities

Hellohive is part of a growing number of resume and skill apps that are dedicated to combating discrimination in the hiring process. The platform provides candidates with the chance to engage with employers they may not have had access to otherwise. By focusing on skills and potential rather than traditional markers of success, such as educational background or previous work experience, Hellohive strives to foster a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Virtual Networking Programs

Hellohive facilitates virtual networking programs between companies and candidates on its app. Notable clients include industry giants like Goldman Sachs, American Express, and Morgan Stanley. The company recently announced a successful $3.4 million Series A round, led by the Tisch Family, to further its mission.

Empowering Candidates

Founder Byron Slosar, drawing from a decade of experience in undergraduate career services and recruiting, emphasized the need for technology to offer equitable opportunities for success to candidates from all backgrounds. He highlighted the importance of merit over connections or educational pedigree, stating, “We are committed to providing the same shot at success for anyone who’s willing to put in the work.”

Expanding Possibilities

The recent funding will enable Hellohive to expand its executive team, enhance its technology, and reach new clients. With a total of $9 million raised to date, the company is poised to make a significant impact on the world of recruitment and diversity.

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