Hadrian Automation’s CEO Aims To Revitalize American Industry


Chris Power, the CEO and founder of Hadrian, is on a mission to defy history and rejuvenate American industry. His journey began with a keen observation of historical patterns, where he noticed the recurring cycle of empires rising and falling due to the outsourcing of core industries. Fueled by a desire to address the decline of the U.S. industrial base, Power made a bold move from Australia to the United States in 2019.

Key Takeaway

Chris Power, CEO of Hadrian, is leading a groundbreaking effort to revolutionize American industry by prioritizing automation and software integration in manufacturing processes.

Identifying the Opportunity

Upon his arrival, Power delved into the industrial landscape, recognizing the critical need for automation in the aerospace and defense manufacturing sector. He established a private equity fund, ADSC, focused on acquiring strategic manufacturing companies in this domain. However, he soon realized that leveraging software and automation was the key to driving rapid transformation.

Enter Hadrian

Subsequently, Hadrian was born, targeting high-precision CNC machining and aiming to automate labor-intensive processes. By integrating software for 80-90% of operations, the company seeks to empower human workers with enhanced capabilities, propelling efficiency and productivity to unprecedented levels.

Impressive Growth and Ambitious Plans

Hadrian’s rapid progress is evident, with substantial funding and the launch of advanced facilities. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in its plans to expand its material offerings and enhance production capabilities. With a strategic focus on automation and software development, Hadrian is poised to meet the escalating demand from aerospace primes and Tier 1s.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Hadrian is gearing up to double its automation and software team, anticipating the need for additional facilities to accommodate growing customer requirements. The company’s innovative approach has garnered significant interest, paving the way for potential joint ventures and dedicated production facilities tailored to specific customer needs.

As Hadrian embarks on this transformative journey, Chris Power remains resolute in his commitment to driving speed and cost efficiencies while expanding the company’s footprint across multiple states. With unwavering support from investors and industry players, Hadrian is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of American manufacturing.

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