Gutsy Secures $51 Million Seed Funding To Revolutionize Security With Process Mining


Gutsy, the brainchild of the founding group behind Twistlock, has emerged from stealth mode with an impressive $51 million in seed funding. Led by YL Ventures and Mayfield, the funding will be used to apply process mining to security and transform the way organizations approach cybersecurity.

Key Takeaway

Gutsy has secured $51 million in seed funding to introduce process mining to the field of cybersecurity. This novel approach will provide organizations with a comprehensive view of their interconnected systems and help identify vulnerabilities, allowing for a more effective and proactive security strategy.

Unlocking a New Perspective on Security

Traditionally, security has focused on detection and settings, identifying misconfigurations and investigating incidents. However, Gutsy takes a different approach. The team believes that systems are a network of interconnected processes, and understanding these processes is crucial to uncovering the root cause of any security incident.

The company applies process mining, a data science technique previously used for analyzing generic business processes, to the field of cybersecurity. By visualizing the connections between systems and events, Gutsy provides organizations with a comprehensive view of their operations.

A Detailed Roadmap to Enhanced Security

Gutsy offers customers a high-resolution “Google map” of their processes, enabling them to identify breakdowns and vulnerabilities. Through data analysis, organizations can prioritize actions that have the most significant impact on achieving their security objectives in a reliable manner.

The company has spent time working with design partners to refine its approach and is now ready to engage with a broader range of companies. While Gutsy anticipates competition in the future, it is confident in its first-to-market advantage and ability to respond to customer needs.

Embracing Diversity and Growth

With 24 employees, Gutsy believes it is currently at the ideal size to validate and explore the market for its innovative solution. Additionally, the company takes diversity seriously and has deliberately built a geographically diverse team outside of the typical Bay Area bubble. CEO Ben Bernstein emphasizes the importance of seeking talent beyond Silicon Valley and fostering a truly diverse and inclusive organization.

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