Google Discontinues Pixel Pass Subscription: What Does It Mean For Users?


Google recently announced that it is discontinuing its Pixel Pass subscription service, which offered a bundle of a Pixel phone combined with premium services. This move comes as a surprise to many, as the Pixel Pass was launched just last year alongside the Pixel 6 release. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Google’s decision and what it means for existing subscribers.

What Is Pixel Pass?

Pixel Pass was a subscription service introduced by Google in 2021. It allowed users to get a Pixel phone along with various premium services for a monthly fee. These services included YouTube Premium, Google Play Pass for premium games and apps, and Google One storage with 200GB. The aim was to provide users with a convenient and cost-effective way to access Google’s hardware and services.

Discontinuation of Pixel Pass

Despite the initial popularity of Pixel Pass, Google has decided to discontinue the service. The company mentioned on its support page that it will no longer offer purchases or renewals for Pixel Pass subscriptions. The reason behind this decision remains unclear, as Google only stated that it constantly evaluates its offers based on customer feedback.

Impact on Subscribers

Existing subscribers will still be able to use their Pixel Pass for two years from their subscription date. After this period, they will have the option to upgrade their Pixel device and receive a $100 discount. Google also mentioned that once the Pixel Pass subscription ends, its services subscriptions will “automatically renew at a discount.” However, the exact cost of the bundle was not specified.

Limitations and Future Plans

It is worth noting that the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold were not included in the Pixel Pass subscription. Additionally, the service was limited to the United States and was not expanded to other regions. This has left some users disappointed, as they were expecting a wider availability of the service and more device options.

Key Takeaway

Google has decided to discontinue its Pixel Pass subscription service, which combined a Pixel phone with premium services. Existing subscribers will still have access for two years and will have the option to upgrade their device with a discount. Google’s decision highlights the company’s focus on evaluating customer feedback and providing different ways for users to access its products and services.

In conclusion, Google’s decision to discontinue the Pixel Pass subscription service has left many users wondering about the company’s future plans. It is clear that Google is prioritizing customer feedback and exploring different ways to offer its hardware and services. Subscribers will need to explore other options to access Google’s premium services in the future.

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