Google Assistant And Alexa Collaborate On JBL Authentics Speaker Lineup


After a long-standing rivalry, Google Assistant and Alexa are putting their differences aside and teaming up on a new speaker lineup. JBL, owned by Harman, has announced the launch of the JBL Authentics 200, Authentics 300, and Authentics 500 speakers, which will be the first devices on the market to integrate both Google Assistant and Alexa.

Coming together for a seamless experience

With the new JBL Authentics speakers, users will have the ability to use both Google Assistant and Alexa interchangeably. This means that they can ask Alexa to set a timer and then use Google Assistant to stop it when it rings, or vice versa. The speakers will have automatic self-tuning, Bluetooth connectivity, and multi-room playback, making them a versatile and convenient choice for consumers.

This collaboration between Google and Amazon is the result of the Voice Interoperability Initiative, launched by Amazon in 2020. This initiative aims to ensure that voice-enabled products support multiple voice assistants, giving users the freedom to choose their preferred assistant.

The end of a contentious history

In the past, Google has been reluctant to allow manufacturers to build devices featuring both Google Assistant and Alexa. This has caused Amazon to put pressure on Google, as it believed there was an unfair advantage due to Google Assistant being the default assistant on Android smartphones. However, both companies have now recognized the importance of giving users choice and access to both voice services simultaneously.

Creating a complementary experience

While some may worry about the impact this collaboration will have on customer engagement with either Google Assistant or Alexa, both companies see the integration as complementary rather than competitive. They believe that allowing users to have seamless access to both assistants will improve the overall customer experience and meet the needs of households with mixed voice assistant preferences.

Key Takeaway

JBL has announced the launch of the Authentics speaker lineup, which will be the first to feature both Google Assistant and Alexa. This collaboration aims to give users the freedom to choose their preferred assistant and create a seamless and complementary experience.

While the decline in smart speaker sales and the challenges of monetizing voice assistants may have influenced the decision to collaborate, the future of Google Assistant and Alexa integrations remains uncertain. According to Marissa Chacko, director of product management of Google Assistant, the impact of this integration will determine whether future collaborations will be pursued.

For now, the JBL Authentics speakers offer a unique and convenient option for users who want the flexibility of using both Google Assistant and Alexa on a single device. The combination of these two popular voice assistants provides a powerful and versatile smart speaker experience.

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