8 Best Smart Home Devices That Work With Google Home For 2023


Introducing the 8 Best Smart Home Devices That Work With Google Home For 2023. As technology continues to advance, smart home devices have become an integral part of our lives, offering convenience, efficiency, and seamless integration. Google Home, known for its exceptional voice recognition and control capabilities, has further enhanced our home automation experience. In this article, we will explore the top eight smart home devices that seamlessly integrate with Google Home, providing you with the ultimate smart home experience in 2023. Whether you are looking to control your lighting, security, or entertainment systems, these devices offer unparalleled compatibility and functionality, making your home smarter and more intuitive than ever before.

Overall Score: 8/10

Upgrade your home with the Aoycocr Smart Plugs. These mini WiFi outlets work with Alexa Echo and Google Home for convenient voice control. With the Aoycocr Smart app, you can easily manage and control your small appliances from anywhere. Schedule lights, fans, and other electronics to turn on and off automatically, or control them remotely when you're away. These smart plugs don't require a hub and offer overload protection for your peace of mind. Share the devices with your family members and enjoy a truly smart home experience. With 90-day money back, 2-year warranty, and lifetime support, these FCC and ETL listed smart plugs are a reliable choice for your home automation needs.

Key Features

  • Easier Faster Connection with upgraded bluetooth wifi technology
  • Voice Control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Control from Anywhere using the Aoycocr Smart app
  • Schedule & Timer for automated control
  • Device Sharing for easy sharing with family members
  • FCC/ROHS Approved with overload protection
  • No hub required


  • Color: 4
  • Dimension: 3.30Lx2.00Wx1.50H
  • Size: Plugs 4 pack


  • Easy setup and connection
  • Works well with Alexa and Google Home
  • Convenient app for remote control
  • Customizable schedules and timers
  • Device sharing for family members
  • FCC/ROHS Approved with overload protection
  • No hub required


  • Requires 2.4GHz Wi Fi network
  • Setup can be challenging with weak signal strength
  • Limited app features with Google Home integration
  • Some units may fail after prolonged use

The Aoycocr Smart Plugs offer a convenient and affordable solution for automating your home. With compatibility with popular voice assistants and the convenience of remote control through the user-friendly app, these smart plugs make it easy to create a smart home experience. The ability to schedule and set timers adds further convenience, while the device sharing feature allows for easy control by multiple family members. The plugs are FCC and ETL approved, providing peace of mind with overload protection. While setup may present some challenges with weaker WiFi signals, overall, the Aoycocr Smart Plugs offer great value for enhancing your home automation.

Overall Score: 9.2/10

The KMC Smart Plug Mini 4-Pack is a set of Wi-Fi outlets designed for smart homes. With no hub required, they are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The smart plugs can be controlled remotely via a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network and a device running Android or iOS. They can also be integrated with existing smart speakers and routines, allowing for voice control. The KMC Smart app enables automation and scheduling of connected devices based on various conditions. The plugs come with a lifetime warranty and US-based customer support. With an electrical rating of 15A 125V 60Hz 1875W, they provide reliable performance.

Key Features

  • Works with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • No Hub Required
  • Voice Control with existing smart speakers
  • Scheduling & Automation with KMC Smart app
  • Easy Setup & Sharing of control
  • UL/ETL Certified
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Electrical Rating: 15A 125V 60Hz 1875W


  • Color: 4 Pack
  • Dimension: 5.35Lx2.24Wx2.09H
  • Size: 4 Pack


  • Easy setup and installation
  • Seamless integration with existing smart speakers
  • Automation and scheduling capabilities
  • Secure and reliable performance
  • Lifetime warranty and US-based customer support


  • Durability concerns with plastic casing
  • May block neighboring outlet to some extent
  • Additional app installation required for Alexa integration

The KMC Smart Plug Mini 4-Pack is a reliable and affordable option for those looking to enhance their smart home setup. With compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant, voice control is effortless. The KMC Smart app allows for easy automation and scheduling of connected devices, providing convenience and energy efficiency. While there are some concerns about the durability of the plastic casing, overall performance and customer support offer peace of mind. The plugs are easy to set up and have a compact design that doesn’t block neighboring outlets excessively. For the price, this 4-pack offers great value and functionality.

Overall Score: 9/10

Upgrade your home with the Smart Plug GNCC. This pack of 4 smart plugs allows you to control your electrical appliances with ease using voice commands through Alexa or GoogleHome. Set schedules and timers to automate your devices and create a truly connected home. With remote control functionality, you can turn appliances on/off from anywhere using your smartphone. Installation is quick and easy, and the plugs work with any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network without the need for a separate hub. Plus, there's a 24-month warranty for your peace of mind. Please note that these plugs are not suitable for power-hungry appliances. Transform your home into a smart home with the Smart Plug GNCC.

Key Features

  • Works with Alexa and Google Home
  • Schedules and Auto-Off Timer
  • Remote Control via Smartphone
  • Easy Installation and Setup
  • 24-Month Warranty
  • No Separate Hub Required


  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 2.05Lx2.05Wx2.01H


  • Voice control for easy operation
  • Automate devices with schedules and timers
  • Convenient remote control from anywhere
  • Simple and quick installation process
  • Comes with a 24-month warranty
  • Compatible with any 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network


  • Not suitable for power-hungry appliances

The Smart Plug GNCC is a fantastic addition to any smart home setup. It offers seamless integration with popular voice assistants and allows you to control your appliances with ease. The scheduling and timer functions are especially useful for automating your devices and creating a more efficient home. The remote control feature adds convenience and accessibility, while the quick and easy installation process saves you time. The 24-month warranty provides peace of mind, ensuring that you are covered in case of any issues. The only drawback is that power-hungry appliances are not compatible with these plugs. Overall, the Smart Plug GNCC is a reliable and versatile choice for making your home smarter.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

The Linkind Matter Smart Plug offers seamless integration with popular smart home platforms such as Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings. With easy setup and one control system, you can manage all your Matter-certified devices without the hassle of multiple apps. The smart plug supports offline control, allowing your devices to communicate and be controlled within your LAN even when the internet is down. With remote control functionality, you can turn electronics on and off from anywhere using the app. Voice control is made possible through Apple HomeKit, Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings. The flexible scheduling and timer feature helps reduce energy usage, while the compact design ensures it won't take up much space. FCC certified for safety, this smart plug is a reliable addition to any smart home setup.

Key Features

  • Easy Setup, One Control
  • Offline-Ready Control
  • Remote Control from Anywhere
  • Hands-free Voice Control
  • Flexible Scheduling & Timer
  • Design with Safety and Compact
  • Important Tips


  • Color: White
  • Size: 2 Pack


  • Easy setup and control with multiple smart home platforms
  • Offline control even when internet connection is down
  • Remote control from anywhere using the app
  • Hands-free voice control with popular voice assistants
  • Flexible scheduling and timer for energy efficiency
  • Compact design with safety certifications


  • Requires a Matter-certified hub or controller for full functionality
  • Only supports 2.4GHz Wi Fi and IPv6 network
  • Pack includes only one plug, multiple packs needed for different rooms

The Linkind Matter Smart Plug is a versatile and reliable device that enhances your smart home experience. With easy setup, seamless integration, and various control options, it offers convenience and efficiency. The remote control and scheduling features allow for energy savings and automation. The compact design and safety certifications make it a practical choice. However, the requirement for a Matter-certified hub or controller may be a limitation for some users. Additionally, the inclusion of only one plug in the pack means you may need to purchase multiple packs for different rooms. Overall, the Linkind Matter Smart Plug is a solid addition to any smart home and receives a score of 8.5/10.

Overall Score: 8/10

The Google Nest Mini 2nd Generation is a powerful and compact wireless Bluetooth speaker that seamlessly blends into any home decor. With its global language compatibility, it can be used internationally and easily switched to different languages. The Nest Mini delivers bright sound and can be placed on a nightstand, shelf, countertop, or even hung on the wall. With the included universal power adapter and quick start guide, it is easy to set up and start using. It also works with various smart devices and can perform tasks like making phone calls or adding items to your shopping list. Overall, the Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen is a versatile and user-friendly speaker that enhances your home automation experience.

Key Features

  • Easy to set up and use internationally
  • Compact size that blends into any home decor
  • Delivers bright sound quality
  • Includes universal power adapter and quick start guide
  • Compatible with various smart devices


  • Color: Chalk
  • Dimension: 4.00Lx4.00Wx2.00H


  • Global language compatibility
  • Portable and versatile
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Works with smart devices


  • Complicated setup process
  • Some issues with device connectivity
  • Unclear instructions at times

The Google Nest Mini 2nd Gen is a powerful and versatile wireless speaker that seamlessly integrates into any home. With its global language compatibility and wide range of features, it offers a convenient and immersive home automation experience. Although the setup process can be a bit complicated and there might be occasional connectivity issues, the overall performance and sound quality of the Nest Mini are excellent. Whether you want to enjoy music or control your smart devices, this speaker is a great addition to any household. It’s a game changer in terms of convenience and functionality.

Overall Score: 8/10

The Smart Plug Mini 4-Pack by SURNICE is a convenient and user-friendly solution for controlling your home appliances. With easy setup and use, this smart plug connects to your Wi-Fi network and allows for wireless control of your devices using the TuyaSmart app. Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, you can also enjoy the hands-free convenience of voice control. The timer and countdown schedules enable you to automate the on/off functions of your electronics, while the group feature allows for controlling multiple devices simultaneously. With a compact design and safety features, this smart plug is a reliable and secure choice for home automation. Max load: 10A, 1200W.

Key Features

  • Easy Set Up and Use
  • Voice Control
  • Schedule and Timer Function
  • Group Feature
  • Safe & User-friendly Design


  • Dimension: 2.05Lx1.26Wx1.65H


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Voice control with Alexa
  • Timer function for automation
  • Group feature for controlling multiple devices
  • Compact and safe design


    The Smart Plug Mini 4-Pack by SURNICE is a reliable and user-friendly solution for controlling your home appliances. With easy setup, voice control compatibility, timer function, and group feature, it offers convenience and automation to enhance your smart home experience. The compact design and safety features ensure peace of mind while using this smart plug. Overall, it is a great addition to any smart home setup.

    Overall Score: 8/10

    Introducing the Smart Plug Exioty, a pack of 4 smart plugs that work seamlessly with Alexa. With an easy set up process, you can quickly connect the smart plug to your devices using just your voice. The remote control feature allows you to turn on and off appliances from anywhere using the Echo App on your phone. Additionally, you can create custom schedules and timers for your appliances through the Echo App, providing convenience and automation. The Smart Plug Exioty also ensures a stable connection, eliminating the hassle of offline devices. With 7*24 customer service, you can rely on support whenever you need it. Upgrade your home automation with the Smart Plug Exioty!

    Key Features

    • Easy Set up: Voice set up process with Echo
    • Stable and not offline: Avoid disconnected devices
    • Remote Control: Turn on and off appliances remotely
    • Timer Function: Create routines and schedules
    • 7*24 Customer Service: Direct support via Amazon or email


    • Color: White
    • Dimension: 3.05Lx1.92Wx1.58H
    • Size: 1.98inch


    • Easy to install and set up
    • Works with 5g network
    • Convenient and affordable
    • No need for extra apps or logins
    • Great customer service


    • Requires Echo for voice set up
    • No instructions included in the box

    The Smart Plug Exioty is a reliable and user-friendly option for integrating smart technology into your home. With its seamless integration with Alexa, you can easily control your appliances using just your voice. The remote control feature offers convenience and flexibility, allowing you to manage your devices from anywhere. The timer function adds a level of automation, making it effortless to create schedules for your appliances. The stable connection ensures that your devices stay online, providing peace of mind. With great customer service and compatibility with 5g networks, the Smart Plug Exioty is a smart choice for smart homes.

    Overall Score: 8.5/10

    The Smart Plug Exioty is a versatile and user-friendly device that allows you to automate and control your appliances through voice commands and remote control. With its easy set up process and compatibility with Alexa, you can quickly integrate it into your smart home ecosystem. The smart plug offers stable connectivity and remote control capabilities through the Echo app on your phone. It also features a timer function that allows you to create routines for your appliances. The 7*24 customer service ensures that you have support whenever you encounter any issues. Overall, the Smart Plug Exioty is a reliable and convenient solution for automating your home.

    Key Features

    • Easy Set up
    • Stable and not offline
    • Remote Control
    • Timer Function
    • 7*24 Customer Service


    • Dimension: 1.96Lx1.96Wx1.96H


    • Easy to set up and use
    • Stable connectivity
    • Convenient remote control
    • Timer function for automation
    • Responsive customer service


    • Limited compatibility with 5g wifi
    • Occasional connection issues
    • Lack of device renaming option

    The Smart Plug Exioty offers a seamless integration with your smart home ecosystem, allowing you to easily control and automate your appliances. Its ease of use, stable connectivity, and responsive customer service make it a reliable choice. However, it may have occasional connection issues and limited compatibility with 5g wifi. Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable and convenient smart plug that works well with Alexa, the Smart Plug Exioty is a solid option.

    Buyer's Guide: Smart Home Devices that Work with Google Home

    Google Home is a voice-activated smart speaker powered by Google Assistant, designed to make your life easier and more convenient. In this buyer's guide, we will explore a range of smart home devices that seamlessly integrate with Google Home, allowing you to control various aspects of your home with just your voice.1. Smart Lights:

    • Philips Hue: Transform your home lighting with Philips Hue smart bulbs, allowing you to control brightness, color, and more with your voice.
    • LIFX: Illuminate your space with LIFX smart bulbs, offering a vibrant range of colors and Wi-Fi connectivity for effortless integration.

    2. Smart Thermostats:

    • Nest Thermostat: Regulate your home's temperature intelligently with Nest Thermostat, enabling you to adjust settings and create schedules using voice commands.
    • ecobee SmartThermostat: Enjoy room-specific comfort control and energy savings with ecobee's SmartThermostat, which seamlessly integrates with Google Home.

    3. Smart Locks:

    • August Smart Lock: Enhance your home security with the August Smart Lock, enabling you to lock and unlock your doors using voice commands or the Google Home app.
    • Schlage Connect: Connect your deadbolt to your Google Home ecosystem with Schlage Connect, allowing you to manage access to your home effortlessly.

    4. Smart Plugs:

    • TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs: Transform any ordinary device into a smart device with TP-Link Kasa Smart Plugs, controlling your appliances remotely or by voice command.
    • Wemo Mini Smart Plug: Make your home smarter with Wemo Mini Smart Plugs, offering scheduling capabilities and easy integration with Google Home.

    5. Smart TVs:

    • Sony Bravia Smart TVs: Enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience with Sony Bravia Smart TVs, integrating seamlessly with Google Home for voice-controlled operation.
    • LG OLED TVs: Elevate your TV-watching experience with LG OLED TVs, providing stunning visuals and compatibility with Google Home voice commands.

    6. Smart Speakers:

    • Sonos One: Fill your home with music using Sonos One, a smart speaker that supports Google Assistant and offers excellent sound quality.
    • JBL Link Portable: Take your music on the go with the JBL Link Portable, a portable smart speaker that works with Google Home and delivers high-fidelity audio.

    7. Smart Security Cameras:

    • Arlo Pro 3: Keep a watchful eye on your property with the Arlo Pro 3 security camera, which syncs effortlessly with Google Home for easy monitoring.
    • Ring Stick Up Cam: Enhance your home security with the Ring Stick Up Cam, enabling you to view live video feeds and receive alerts through Google Home.

    8. Smart Kitchen Appliances:

    • Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi: Simplify your cooking experience with the Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi, which allows you to control and monitor your pressure cooker using your voice.
    • Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator: Stay connected and organized with the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, featuring Google Home compatibility and a range of innovative features.

    9. Smart Blinds:

    • Lutron Serena Smart Shades: Transform your home's ambiance with Lutron Serena Smart Shades, allowing you to control natural light levels through voice commands.
    • Somfy Motorized Blinds: Gain convenience and energy savings by integrating Somfy Motorized Blinds with your Google Home setup, enabling effortless control.

    10. Smart Vacuum Cleaners:

    • iRobot Roomba: Keep your floors clean effortlessly with iRobot Roomba, a smart vacuum cleaner that responds to voice commands through Google Home.
    • Eufy RoboVac: Enjoy hands-free cleaning with Eufy RoboVac, an intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner that seamlessly integrates with Google Home.

    Frequently Asked Questions about 8 Best Smart Home Devices That Work With Google Home For 2023

    How do I connect smart home devices to Google Home?

    To connect smart home devices to Google Home, you typically need to install the respective device’s mobile app, follow the setup instructions, and link it with Google Assistant in the Google Home app.

    Can I control these devices remotely?

    Yes, most smart home devices offer remote control functionality, allowing you to manage and operate them even when you are away from home.

    Do these devices work with other voice assistants?

    While the devices listed here are designed to work with Google Home, many also support other popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit.

    Are all these devices Wi-Fi enabled?

    Yes, all the smart home devices mentioned above connect to your home Wi-Fi network, enabling seamless integration with Google Home.

    Do I need to have a Google Home device to control these devices?

    Yes, to control these devices using voice commands, you will need a Google Home device or the Google Assistant app on your smartphone or tablet.

    Can I control these devices using my phone's voice assistant?

    Yes, if your phone’s voice assistant is Google Assistant, you can control these devices through your phone as well.

    Can I connect multiple devices of the same category to Google Home?

    Yes, you can connect and control multiple compatible smart lights, thermostats, locks, and other devices within the same category through Google Home.

    While these devices are primarily designed to work with Google Home, many also have compatibility with other popular smart home hubs, allowing for further integration.

    What are the security measures to consider when using smart home devices?

    It is essential to secure your Wi-Fi network with a strong password, enable two-factor authentication for your smart home device accounts, and regularly update device firmware to ensure optimal security.

    How do these devices handle privacy concerns?

    These devices store voice recordings to improve accuracy, but you can review and delete them. Additionally, they provide privacy settings to control data collection and ensure privacy is maintained.

    While most smart home devices rely on an internet connection to communicate with Google Home, some devices, like smart thermostats and some smart lights, may continue to function locally during an internet outage.

    That wraps up our comprehensive buyer’s guide on smart home devices that work with Google Home. Remember to choose the devices that suit your specific needs and preferences, creating a truly smart and interconnected home experience.

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