Golden Ventures Raises $100M To Invest In Canada’s Tech Ecosystem


Golden Ventures, a Canada-based venture capital firm, has successfully secured over $100 million in capital commitments for its fifth fund. The firm is targeting high-potential, seed-stage founders working across various technologies, including AI, climate, blockchain, and quantum.

Key Takeaway

Golden Ventures has raised over

00 million for its fifth fund, signaling a continued commitment to supporting seed-stage founders in Canada’s thriving tech ecosystem.

Continued Focus on Canadian Tech Ecosystem

Matt Golden, the founder and managing partner of Golden Ventures, expressed that the new fund is a continuation of their core thesis and is designed to be highly founder-aligned. The firm, which was established in 2011, has evolved from being sector agnostic to being more focused on the Canadian tech ecosystem, which Golden described as having a “great trajectory.”

Investment Strategy and Portfolio

Golden Ventures has a track record of backing over 100 companies at the seed stage over the past 13 years. The firm also emphasizes investing in talent, mentorship, and building relationships with later-stage funds to provide portfolio companies with access to downstream funding. Some of its notable portfolio exits include Wattpad and SkipTheDishes, among others.

Supporting Founders at the Seed Stage

The firm’s approach is centered on delivering value to founders at the seed stage, particularly those building outside of traditional tech hubs. Ameet Shah, general partner at Golden Ventures, highlighted the nuanced needs of founders operating outside the typical tech epicenters, emphasizing the importance of a deliberate talent strategy for building and scaling.

Institutional Backing

Golden Ventures V has garnered support from a group of existing institutional limited partners, including BDC Capital, RBC, and University of Chicago, as well as new institutional partner Deloitte Ventures.

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